Strange Exercise to Build Shoulder Mass

Shoulder Muscle

For total muscular development in your shoulders, you have to work your deltoids from a variety of angles.

Experienced lifters who understand this requirement are familiar with exercises that isolate all areas of the shoulders like front, side, and rear lateral raises.

And every gym rat realizes that “power” movements like military presses are great for adding more muscle mass.

BUT…what if you could COMBINE the targeted isolation movements of laterals with the power of presses to capitalize on the advantages of each…all in the same exercise?!

Well you CAN!

And I just posted a video that will show you step-​​by-​​step how to use this new movement to shock new growth in your delts by hitting them from an entirely different angle!



  1. Betsey S says:

    Jeff Anderson absolutely ROCKS! I have done his programs with success and I think he’s an awesome guy! Congrats, Jeff, on being named a fitness blogger for Military​.com!

  2. Mike says:

    Works like crazy — if attempted under correct form. Really feel this one.

  3. steve says:

    I have rotator cuff problems and this exercise really stresses the deltoid without causing shoulder pain.

  4. Scott says:

    another great post thanks Jeff! have been wondering if I was doing enough with my shoulders

  5. Yes…a lot of people do too much “bench press” (particularly with incorrect form) and end up with rotator cuff problems.

    This is a great alternative mass building exercise to other shoulder movements that tend to aggravate rotator cuff rehab.

  6. Jim Wallace says:

    This exercise can be done using dumbells if you don’t have access to a training facility.

  7. Jim Wallace says:

    This exercise can be done using dumbells if you don’t have access to a training facility.

  8. Peter says:

    It’s great as all videos from underground fitness are. But I have 1 request: can, PLEASE, Nick speak louder!!! Because on all (yes all) videos he speaks so quietly, I can’t hear him at all.

    Thank you and continue with good work.

  9. Karl W says:

    Thanks Jeff and congrats on the new posting site. You and your colleague Nick are the only people on the net I really take any notice of. We (in the UK) appreciate your work as well as your US audience.

  10. Stew Smith says:

    Love this one Jeff!!

    I did this one yesterday mixed with a pullup /​ pushup workout — then went swimming.

    Shoulder /​ Arms are done!!!

    Feels good today too — not in any pain…

    Stew Smith CSCS http://​www​.stewsmith​.com

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