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Bodybuilding Trick for a Smaller Waist

Workout to lose weight and eat for energy!

I’m 6’3″ tall and am 220 lbs. I have a little bit of belly fat and want to get rid of it. Any nutrition suggestions would be great. Also i just recently bought a benchpress and was wondering what I could do with it to help get muscle and not fat.

Sure — get started moving now! Arrange your workouts like this: resistance training of pushups, crunches, squats, bench press if you wish and then go for a walk, bike, or walk/​jog mix for 20-​​30minutes to build muscle and burn fat optimally.

I do this for eating, but I also limit or eliminate sugar — it works to lose that last bit of stomach fat FAST!



  1. kerry alexandre says:

    yes, this is kerry from Ft.lauderdale/florida and i was woundering how to get quicker abs because i\‘ve been doing about 100 a-​​day, and have no results i\‘m 5–8 160.Everything else is fine but the abs what should i do?

  2. Stew Smith says:

    Did you click the Drop Sugar link? That is the way to do it — try to eliminate sugar from your diet — except for fruits /​ vegetables and snack on peanuts.

    BUT you still need to workout with running, swimming or biking for cardio and of course resistance training…

    You have abs — you just have to burn the fat around them.…


    • Mike Lydick says:

      I am a retired Master Chief,62 yrs old. I went to Iraq at 57 and instructed Iraq police. A bomber got me 4 days before I left. I finally had a back operation in Nov 2009. I was layed up til April 2010. I gained weight around my waist and legs. I need to lose 20 lbs. Doc says to do anything if it don,t hurt. I need help starting. I can walk but at 2 miles my right leg nearly gives out. This is not good for an old Command Master Chief and retired Chief of Police. Masterblaster EOD

  3. Tyshic K. says:

    Dear Stew,

    I want to lose my stomach, now with the sugar I have a major sweet tooth like chocolate and ice cream. What can I do to curb this? I weigh 184 and 5\‘7, I would like to weigh 165 and 7.5 percent body fat. How Can I do this?

  4. scott n says:

    I have let myself go. I was once 185lbs of muscle and now I\‘m 280. I can\‘t seem to get started on a good resistance workout. Any suggestions

  5. naief abdullah says:

    i advice all people to drink acouple of green tea without sugre aday.
    it helps you to burn fats in your body and regulates the oxidation of your body
    .respect for benifites that you will get

    • Lee Berry says:

      I agree that there are several teas that can help you loose weight. However watch out for the side effects like diarrhea and insomnia as you trick your metabolism into high gear. I enjoy the benefits of Herbal-​​Life protein shakes. Taken twice a day to loose weight. No side effects. Combined with an effective workout plan to build muscle. Doing low impact workouts to start. II recommend this book. Gut-​​busters ISBN. 0–4446-39367–3 and Yoga Master ISBN-0–8048-2104–6. or any Tia-​​Chi-​​gigong martial arts workouts for the back and gut. Face it a good body doesn\‘t come in a drink.

  6. Matt says:

    Great fitness tips! Thanks Steve. I am working my way through P90X and am seeing great success. Thanks for your tips!

  7. Joe says:

    in terms of mixing jogging and running, would terrain and how intensive you run a factor? as in quality over quantity or vice versa?


  8. @DarkTrader says:

    link to foodplan is 404 — new link?

  9. Slim says:

    I recently had back surgery and I am unable to do push-​​ups or sit-​​ups for a while. Is there any other way I can work on my stomach/​belly fat in the meantime?

  10. Yvette says:

    My age is 40 I\‘m 5\‘6 & 136 lbs. I\‘ve just started my cardio on highest level grade 12 on my Ironman treadmill at speed 3.3 usually doing 20 minutes once to twice a day, 4 days a week. I want to lose what little low belly fat I have. Do you have any advice? I don\‘t eat sugar but use splenda in my tea now. I\‘ve never had fat before, but now it seems my matabulisiam is not the same, all though still fast, because I\‘m usually hungry every 2–3 hours.

    A.K. nvpokerbaby

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