Diet Hints That Change Your Life

Diet and Nutrition Tips

Here are some of my “diet” hints that I tell my clients at the gym, most of these hints I get from my certification, reading and personal experience. It is a lifesltyle change. Stick to this plan for life, and you’ll be healthier, thinner, fitter.

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- Exercise doing cardio (even a long walk counts) 4 times a day and take stairs instead of elevators

- Muscle exercise (weight baring) at least 2 times a week (burn more fat at rest that way and fights osteoporosis)

- First thing every morning slug a big glass of water, that will help towards your 8 glasses cause later in the day you might not be able to keep up. Sleep with a glass nearby too

- Every day keep track of the food groups you eat (not stupid calorie counting or anything crazy), to make sure you get 5 servings of fruits and veggies and 3 of milk products at very least. Change all pasta, rice and cereal to whole wheat and brown. Should get at least 2–3 servings of that too. Change proteins to hard boiled eggs, sushi, grilled or baked fish and chicken.

- Cut portion sizes down but eat 6 meals a day instead of 3.

- No soda ever

- When drinking alcohol, chose vodka– (club)soda-lemon because it is the least caloric drink you can get, and is refreshing, plus lemon is good for your system. If you hate it, tonic has 80 more calories but still not bad. Also white wine and champagne are pretty good calorie wise.

- Avoid fake sugar, use honey as much as possible

- Avoid adding salt to anything

- Drink at least one glass of green or black tea a day

- Avoid fruit juice, eat the real whole fruit instead, especially apples, oranges, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries (antioxidents)

- Good snacks to always have at home are hard boiled eggs and a glass of low sodium v8, cereal, fruit, oatmeal, carrot sticks and hummus etc

- Choose a large range of colorful veggies like spinach, broccoli, red and yellow bell peppers, carrots, sweet potatoes and squash, eggplant, edamame, avocados, tomatoes

- Instead of desert: chocolate or vanilla yogurt, chocolate soy milk, fun oatmeal like peaches n cream

- NEVER let yourself get hungry. If you do, that is when you will say screw it and eat something bad. If you are starving and want to order pizza, tell yourself, yes I can have pizza, but I am going to have some carrot sticks and an apple before I order it… then afterwards you might not end up ordering if and get something better for you instead.

- In case of emergency hangover: I keep weight watchers egg/​ham/​cheese sandwich in freezer and campbells tomato soup in the cupboard. That helps avoid the grease.

- I usually dedicate 3 days a week where I will not drink alcohol. For me, that is where I will end up making bad food choices, so 3 random detox days a week to avoid it.

It’s really easy once you get started.

Here is a sample diet for one day:

7am: Big glass of water

8am: Yogurt (Stoneyfield farms is healthiest, fruit on bottom, no fake sugar) and latte (non fat milk) if you need caffeine

9am: Green or black tea

10am: Orange and water

12:30pm: Glass of milk and lunch either lean cuisine SPA CLASSICS brand or something like a tomato/​basil sandwich on whole wheat English muffin with balsamic dressing and a hard boiled egg, or a chicken salad sandwich with low fat mayo on whole wheat or rye with lettuce/​spinach and tomato, or a salad with tuna.

3pm: Snack like fiber one cereal and milk, or oatmeal, or another kind of fruit, or hard boiled egg and water

5pm: Work out, lots of water

7pm: Dinner. If eating out pick the 3 healthiest things on the menu and those are your only options. OR if I am at home, I like to go over what I already ate that day and if I missed any food groups or anything, I will chose dinner based on that. Maybe I only had whole grains and fruit and 2 milk group servings that day, then I would chose dinner with lots of protein, calcium, and 2 different colored veggies.

9pm: Healthy snack and/​or big glass of milk

(and usually a wine spritzer… a girls got to have some fun)

Fitness, Fit it in.



  1. there is no minimum daily requirement for sugar. start there.

  2. ED Harwood says:

    3/20/09–Starting out at 191 lbs on day 1..
    starting with 3–4 walks a day with my over weight husky.

    watching diet…

  3. ED Harwood says:

    3/​20/​09– starting 1st day @ 191 lbs. doing 3–4 walks with over weight husky. watching diet.

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