Hockey Fight Close Combat Technique

Hockey Fight Self Defense Technique

Every fight in a hockey game is a close quarters combat scenario.

In fact, it’s made even more difficult to do any real damage to the other opponent due to layers and layers of padding and you’re trying to launch an attack on two thin blades of metal on a slippery surface.

Given these conditions, these guys have had to learn some pretty nasty (and EFFECTIVE!) techniques to get their licks in before they’re broken up by the refs.

And there’s a LOT we can learn from these experienced fighters!

Here’s a self defense technique that works just as well in the street as it does on the ice…

Close Quarters Combat Hockey Fight Trick

It’s very typical to get wrapped up into a “clinch” in a real street fight.

In this position, you and your attacker are struggling for dominance and you may only have seconds to either gain an offensive position before he either gets in a good shot or his buddies come up to give him a hand.

In hockey fights, one of the best ways that players gain dominance is by using the other player’s clothing.

Here’s how it works…

When locked up head-​​to-​​head in close combat, reach over your attacker’s shoulders with one hand (preferably your non-​​dominant hand) and grab the back of his shirt as far down as you can.

Next, simply pull it up and OVER his head and once you have it covering his face, twist it around to the side of his neck to wrap him up tight.

This will give you control over his body because you now have full lateral control over his head, and as we know…where the head goes…the body will follow!

This makes it possible for you to throw your attacker over a chair or into another attacker if you’re fending off multiple attackers.

But your biggest advantage is that yoru attacker won’t be able to see anything and this gives you some pretty easy targets to strike with your dominant hand.

Do your damage…then get away!



  1. Cody says:

    Hey Jeff
    I was wandering if you could tell me some basic fighting/​ self defense tips. like most people I dont plan on gettting in a fight but i want to be prepared if I should ever be in one. I am a less dominating figure then most and figured if i knew how to foght it would help my confidence and also have other people think twice before messing with me

  2. Alex says:


    I behalf of http://​www​.hockeyfights​.com, Thank you. You can view our fight selection anytime. The only problem is in hockey you cant up a jersey over the head if the player have his “jersey tied down”. Most players in the off season to work on their on-​​ice balance is take a partner and just jerk each other around for 30 seconds as hard and fast as you can.


  3. Hi Cody!

    I’m going to be posting a LOT more videos on Military​.com so you can always check back here for more tips. You can also pick up my free DVD on “How To Defeat Larger Attackers” at my website at http://​www​.closequarterscombat​.com. It’s much more comprehensive.

    I’m encouraged by your statement that you don’t want to get in a fight, but want to be prepared should you be put in a position where you have to. It really is very much about “confidence” and with just a few tips, you can really increase your abilities and self confidence.

  4. Joel hicks says:


    I didn’t relize people would use a sportfighting technics in combat fighting. Interesting stuff here thanks!

  5. Chad says:

    Great tip, Jeff. I guess if a bully in a bar fight has a fight strap on his shirt you\‘ve probably got bigger problems. As far as avoiding fights, bullies are like predators. The key is convincing them that a) you\‘re not food, and 2) you\‘re not challenging them.

  6. Denny Catalano says:

    Good info. I also seen alot of good information watching UFC and WMA fights and training sessions. The same as the clinch without the shirt is to interlock your fingers and hands behind the persons neck and pull down raising a knee when you feel you can connect. Then you can release and leave when you want. Or keep your head in close to prevent blows from him​.It works

  7. kevin says:

    I’m not gonna say don’t use this technique but be cautious, lol when I was a little younger I got into a fight and they try’d that on me and I had a hoodiy on, I slipped right out of the hoodiy, and he then resorted to throwing chairs at me, though when I hit him with one of the thrown chairs he didn’t really want to fight anymore :P

  8. Rob says:

    This video is showing how to assault someone not ‘self-​​defense’. Once the shirt is over the head you can throw the guy to the side and walk away. That would be self-​​defense, not going and wailing on the guy with cheap punches.

    I’m all for watching hockey fights but to claim this as self-​​defense is childish.

  9. walkerny says:

    “Throwing a guy to the side” NEVER deters a determined bully or assailant. They simply get back up at you, wiser now and a more dangerous foe.

    If you have not unfairly started the fight yourself, the best deterrence is to carry it through and WIN the fight. Punish your opponent until they quit the engagement and withdraw. That is not “assault” it is true self-​​defense.

  10. Thanks for adding some common sense in there Walkerny!

    The stuff I deal with in the blog is NOT for your average “high school pushing match”. Let’s not forget that this is MILITARY​.COM and the main audience is SOLDIERS.

    Try telling a soldier who is locked up in close quarters with an enemy combatant after storming through a stronghold door that he should push the guy to the side and escape.

    Fact is, the “battlefield” can be anywhere and while in the civilian world I ALWAYS recommend “escape” and “diffusion” to avoid a fight, you had damn well better be TRAINING for the worst case scenario.

    Look at it this way…

    It’s better to know HOW to severely damage someone and hold back on your response than it is to be facing a life or death scenario with your wife and kids huddled behind you and NOT knowing the dirtiest, nastiest tactics to completely destroy some street punk with a knife.

    Assault? Damn skippy it’s assualt! What separates it from “defense” is the situation you’re in when you have to “assault” someone and whether it’s a legally justifiable situation.

    Keep it real guys! ;-)

  11. AKSHAY says:

    hey ur techniques are good but u will loose in fighting with me

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