Pack Some Toning With Your Lunch

Pack Some Toning With Your Lunch

We are always looking for ways to fit in our fitness… so how about while packing your or your kids healthy lunch for the day? Or preparing dinner? I created 3 moves you can do while in the kitchen:

1) Here is a no-​​equipment workout you can do at the counter that hits the arms in multiple places. Try counter or table top push-​​ups (pictured below)! Start with our hands spread shoulder-​​width apart on the counter edge. Plant your feet behind you the length of your leg (about 3 feet) away from the counter. Keep the hands under the shoulders as you bend the elbows out to the sides at 90 degrees and lower chest a few inches from the counter, then push back up. Start with 10 repetitions if you are new, and alternate this arm move between sets of the two leg moves below. As you get stronger you can increase your reps to 20 and 30 per set.

2) T Glute Kickbacks (pictured)

Stand with shoulders and hips facing forward, abs contracted and knees slightly bent. Put your weight on our left foot with toes pointed forward, and turn your right foot 90 degrees so that the right arch touches the heel of the left foot, forming the letter “T”. Your right toes will point to the right. With your foot flexed and hovering an inch off the floor, kick the right leg back about 30 degrees, or as high as you can without arching your back while keeping the right foot turned to the right. Return right foot back to the left to tap the heel and repeat for 30 repetitions. Do on the left side as well and feel your tush toning as you make the tuna sandwiches!

3) Lets hit the bottom half of the legs with simple calf lifts.

Start with feet shoulders width apart and knees slightly bent, abs contracted. Lift heels off the floor and transfer the weight onto the balls of your feet. Return heels to the floor and repeat for 30 times. You can do this anytime and anywhere, maybe while rinsing the dishes after the sandwiches are made. Stretch the calves afterward (for a free stretch video visit NikkiFitness​.com)

4) Hit the abs before adding another ingredient. You can also do this on the counter or table and alternate them with pushups if you chose. Stand with feet 3 feet away from the table and balance on both hands (under shoulders). hold here for 10 seconds, then bring right hand in the center and pivot your body to the left. Reach your left hand to the sky and and either stagger your feet or stack them on top of each other. Hold for 10 seconds, do another middle plank and then move to a right plank.
Repeat each side 8–12 times holding each move for 10 seconds.

(For more no-​​equipment workout moves from the NikkiFitness Fit Travel Workout DVD visit www​.nikkifitness​.com and www​.fittravelworkout​.com)

Fitness, Fit it in.



  1. Rob Taylor says:

    Nice work with suggesting some exercises that fit into everyday life. It really isn’t about the equipment you use, but the consistent high effort that you stimulate the body with on a daily basis. Great exercise suggestions!

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