New Fitness DVD for Travelers!

New Fitness DVD For Travelers

New Fitness DVD for Travelers from the Creator of the Military Wife Workout!

Ever traveled home to grandmom’s for the holidays and have to go the whole trip without a workout because of bad weather outdoors, there was not equipment, DVDs or a way to get to the gym? Ever go on vacation and want to work out, but just couldn’t get it done? Ever wake up early on a business trip to hit the hotel gym, just to find bad equipment or all the treadmills were full?

Many of you have heard of my Military Wife Workout and other DVDs… . well I spent the last year traveling around the world so that you can get a workout wherever your life takes you. My new Fit Travel Workout DVD includes scenic locations like China, Italy, Mexico, Florida, Chicago and New York City to make traveling healthier for everyone. The NikkiFitness Fit Travel Workout DVD, a no-​​equipment workout for fitness on the road, has taken the excuses and the trouble out of working out while on business or vacation. In addition, multitasking intervals combine to trim and tone in half the time, while boosting the metabolism after the sweat disappears.

In just 30 minutes and without any equipment, business travelers can put the DVD in their laptop and lace up their sneakers right in their hotel room. People who are way visiting family won’t have to pay a gym fee and beg someone to drive them to the gym to get a workout. The living room has just become a health center. The NikkiFitness series of multi-​​tasking workouts combine upper body muscle groups with lower body moves that, when performed together, put you a balance challenge to require core strength. By adding cardio intervals between sets, she transforms what used to be an hour-​​long workout to just 30-​​minutes with more intensity and fat burning capacity during and after the session.

Different than traditional fitness DVDs, the NikkiFitness travel workout will not show a studio full of women doing the same old routine. It’s shot in different scenic locations around the world to exercise our mind as well.

Also, in the spirit of YouTube and iPod and thousands of products tailored to individual tastes, one generic soundtrack isn’t forced on participants. The DVD sends exercisers to www​.nikkifitness​.com for their own playlist suggestions and NikkiFitness iTunes mixes in many different genres. Each workout can include new music.

You can check out my website for more information, and recent press coverage of the new DVD includes:

- New York Daily News
US Air Magazine

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