Grappling Moves — Defeating The Mixed Martial Arts Double Leg Takedown

Mixed Martial Arts Double Leg Takedown

You’ve seen it countless times in the mixed martial arts sporting events: two fighters square off and one of them shoots in for a double-​​leg takedown, scooping the other fighter’s legs out from under him. This grappling technique is a favorite of mixed martial arts competitors because it sets their opponent up for a hard hit to the mat and is usually followed by a flurry of fight ending punches. In the ring, the two fighters are trained for this. They expect it and they know how to deal with it. On the street, in a real self defense encounter, this grappling move will switch to hitting the pavement hard and the resulting ground-​​and-​​pound, without the benefit of a referee to call “time out”, can leave you broken and bloody… or dead.

To deal with the mixed martial arts technique of the double leg takedown, you’ve got to employ some grappling moves of your own. You’ve got to beat him at his game… but not on his terms. This is self-​​defense, not the ring.

Here’s the secret to defeating this popular grappling move and teach your attacker the error of his ways:

First, the reason why the double-​​leg takedown grappling move is so effective is actually because you let it be. What I mean is, your body naturally tenses up and locks your knees when he goes for your legs and you lose your balance immediately. This is how the takedown works. When you flinch like that, when you tense up, you give him your attacker the leverage he needs to chop you down like a tree.

Therefore, instead of tensing up, you need to relax and go with the movement of his takedown. Bend your knees and drop your body as close to your own feet as you can, landing on your buttocks to absorb your fall and keeping your knees pointed into your attacker’s body. As you fall, your attacker’s momentum will naturally carry him forward and you’re actually going to let him land on your knees, which are now pointing into his chest as a result of your changed position. This can easily knock the wind out of him and will now give you the advantage.

Now, continuing to use the momentum of your attacker’s grappling move, throw him up and over you with your bent legs. Then, all you’ve got to do to end the fight is roll over and out of it and either escape or continue using other self defense grappling moves.



  1. Bruce Searle says:

    Hey Jeff, I liked the video up top, do you have any more on a youtube channel anywhere, more focused on beginners?

  2. Yes, you can find more videos on my YouTube channel at:
    http://​www​.youtube​.com/​c​q​c​t​r​a​i​n​ing or check out my Military​.com archives for the best info because I always include extra commentary for this site that you can’t find on YouTube.

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