Surprise Your Attacker with this Self Defense Trick

Surprise Your Attacker with this Self Defense Trick

One common self defense trick that many experts teach is adopting a “ready stance” that looks passive but still enables you to protect your upper body when someone approaches and starts threatening you. For instance, while your hands are raised and open as if you’re saying “I don’t want a fight,” your body should be positioned so you can defend yourself if necessary.

This is good advice. Unfortunately, your brain and body need to be speaking the same language. Almost no trainee I see is able to do this, even during relaxed self-​​defense training scenarios, and it’s even more difficult when the adrenalin is flowing in a real-​​world self-​​defense situation. Here’s what I mean.

When you’re setting yourself up for self-​​defense, tricks like raising your hands and saying “I don’t want a fight” aren’t always seen as being passive. A drunk, angry or inattentive person won’t interpret what you’re saying as you not wanting any trouble. Instead, when you raise your hands and take a ready stance, he might actually perceive you as wanting to fight and that’s the only information he’ll act on. Even bystanders might agree; they may not hear you or remember that you said you didn’t want any trouble.

Not only that, but I’m sure you’ll agree that when you’re defending yourself, you need a mindset that will help you survive by letting you rip your attacker’s head off if it’s necessary. The problem is that despite your submissive words, your mind is thinking “self-​​defense” and it tricks your body language into showing you’re actually ready for battle. You need to calm the confrontation and get your attacker to lower his guard in case you need to defend yourself. The self defense trick I’m about to explain will not only fool any opponent, it will set yourself up to make a surprise preemptive attack and make it seem more like self defense if there’s a police report.

Step 1 of the Surprise Self Defense Trick: Turn to the side.

This is similar to blading your body but it’s more extreme. It puts most of your body more distant from your attacker but puts your lead hand closer to him.

Step 2 of the Surprise Self Defense Trick: Hunch your shoulders.

This looks like a passive move. It makes you look afraid and unwilling to fight because it’s a visual signal of submission that’s been programmed into our primitive animal brains.

Step 3 of the Surprise Self Defense Trick: Use your hands to do your talking.

Get your attacker used to seeing your hands move while you’re saying you don’t want any trouble. If you’re in a bar, consider doing the same thing while offering to buy him a drink. If he’s used to your hands moving around, you’ll take him by surprise when you do finally make your move.

Step 4 of the Surprise Self Defense Trick: Hit him if he won’t calm down.

Try a simple palm heel blow with your lead hand. It will already be halfway to your target by the time you hit him, and your preemptive strike will take him totally by surprise.

This type of sneak attack is an extremely effective approach to self-​​defense. Trick your attacker and any bystanders into thinking you’re nothing but a submissive weakling. You’ll fool them into thinking you’re the victim but you’ll walk away the winner … and the survivor … of the confrontation.



  1. Katrina says:

    Thanks for all the information. I train alot I am a female boxer. I firmly believe in fooling my oponant. I want them to believe I am week. I have used this method all the time and have gotten out of many cituations. They always say awe leave her alone, she does not bother anybody. I don’t want them to know I acually can fight. I am also formerly in the military, I agree this is the best defense and you walk away fine. I usually walk away laughing because they don’t even understand what I just did. I actually saved them. Thinking skills are more crucial these days and strategic.

  2. Hawk says:

    How about some lessons for people like me who are in a wheelchair, medical scooter or power chair? I am an advanced student of Northern Chinese Kung Fu, a trained Air Force Commando (program designed by the SEALS and trained with them. Expert with multiple weapons such as a walking cane or a stick and makeshift weapons, expert pistol shot. I always carry a knife and a gun where legal. Other martial arts. Kung Fu, especially northern style is not for points. I have wide periphrial vision and have been a trainer for self defense for women…and others. I am also paralyzed from the waist down. I keep a shortened twelve gauge next to the couch where I watch TV, in addition to my .45. I am always aware of my enviornment..front sides and back.
    Still, advice from an expert trainer couldn’t hurt.

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