Free Webinar Invitation: Mixed Martial Arts vs. “Street Fighting”

Mixed Martial Arts vs. "Street Fighting"

Mixed martial arts “cage matches” (like UFC and Pride) are hottest and fastest growing sports phenomenon in the world now!

2 men locked in an octagon cage — “no holds barred” — kicks, throws, chokeouts…anything goes!

Originally created to pit one martial arts style against another, it quickly became a “proving ground” for everyone from wrestlers and boxers…to barroom brawlers!

But let me ask you this question…

Who would win in a REAL “street fight”:

An MMA athlete…or a vicious gang member?!

Think about it…

Sure, MMA competitors are arguably the most talented athletes on the planet when it comes to “fighting”.

But do you think they could defend themselves if they were cornered in an alley and forced to go HEAD-​​TO-​​HEAD with a brutal “gangbanger”?

Can armbars and chokeholds beat “nasty prison tactics”?


But they may ALSO get you killed!

I’m going to explain why this Thursday night in a FREE ONLINE WEBCAST that will finally reveal the “cage secrets” that tie combative sports with real life-​​or-​​death self defense tactics!

Want to join us?


Extreme Self Defense Tactics ANYONE Can Master…FAST!

When: This Thursday Night @ 9:00pm Eastern

Reserve your seat now!

Trust me…if protecting yourself and those you love is important to you (I know it is!), then you’re not going to want to miss this free event.

You can attend from ANYWHERE in the world and you’re going to walk away with REAL “self defense tactics” known only by the most vicious criminals and battle-​​hardened soldiers.

You owe it not only to yourself, but also to those you PROTECT and rely on you to keep them safe!

It doesn’t cost a thing and the strategies that are revealed on this webcast WILL make you a better fighter than 95% of the guys out there who THINK they know how to handle themselves in a real fight!

They know NOTHING!

YOU will!

Here’s the link one more time to register for your seat now.



  1. buster says:

    Jeff, I was searching the net looking for sites or blogs dealing with fitness scores/​standards and your blog came up. I teach High School Physical Education with an emphasis on weight training and wellness. I have found that my students seem to be much more motivated when they see “goal setting standards.” Do you feel that using the military standards for their fitness testing would be appropriate? My students are all 11-​​12th graders, and outside of body composition testing, they are always looking for goals to reach, or maybe you know of other fitness standards to use? Have enjoyed your blog, will make sure that my students read some of your posts, and look forward to hearing what you, or others have to say.

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