Baby Bootie Camp — Part 2


Last week my 4-​​month-​​old replaced his pacifier with a whistle and helped lead us through a workout to soothe baby and slim and sculpt mom and dad.

This week we will hit the booty with part two of Bootie Camp:  “Rocking Outer Thigh” and “Glute Kickback Squats.” You can see these moves and more in part of my recent Fox News Channel demo and interview.

1) Rocking Outer Thighs

Start by holding the baby in front of you, facing your chest, or place him forward or backward facing in a Baby Bjorn or other secure carrier and wrap your arms around him or her at the same time. Squat in the middle and then rock to your right, putting weight on your right leg to stand, and lifting your left leg out to the side. You should flex your left foot as you lift it and keep the leg straight with a soft knee. Rock back to the center to squat and then transfer the weight onto the left leg and lift the right foot to the side with an extended leg. That completes one rep. Squat and lift in this rocking motion for 15 reps to complete one set.

Outer Thighs Workout

2) Glute Kickback Squats

This has the same basic move and rhythm, except you are kicking your heel backward to target the backside. Put weight on right and kick straight back with the left leg, squat, and repeat on other side.

Glute Kickback Squat

Next week we move onto arms, including the baby biceps curl, then “Patty Cake” abs and back so your family can keep playing and sweating.

Check out Baby Bootie Camp — Part 1 if you missed it.

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