Learning Self Defense From a DVD

Learning Self Defense From a DVD

In the past couple days Vonnie has had 2 people call asking if they’d really be able to benefit from our DVD programs.

It’s not an unusual question.

But these two gentlemen had a slightly different concern than most…

…They were 72– and 76-​​years-​​old, respectfully.

And each was worried they simply didn’t have the physical skills or ability to execute what they’d see on the DVDs.

Below are a couple items she discussed with them, things everyone needs to be aware of:

  1. If you don’t have the physical skills you used to, it likely means you’re even more of a target for the epidemic of random street violence escalating across the globe today.

It’s the reason why this information is even more critical to you.

Here’s a snippet taken from TFT Master Instructor Chris Ranck-Buhr’s recent article, That New Victim Smell

“Gait, body language, the way people move when they come into close contact with others — these things tell the story of that person’s interior life, their secret fears and intentions.

“In short, who’s a victim and who’s not.

“When the criminal sociopath looks for a victim, they scan that tableau and register everybody as a target or trouble. And because they (usually) didn’t get out of bed this morning looking for a fight, or an epic battle, they slide past the trouble-​​makers and focus on the targets.

“To the trained, and to the predator, the victims stand out. They can smell it… and see the stink lines.  Acting tough doesn’t hide it. It just amplifies it.

“You can’t pretend to not be a victim. The difference between victim and not-​​victim is unconscious confidence. It radiates from the core, outward, and shines like a beacon even when you’re not paying attention to projecting anything. Your gait, your stance, your body language will give you away, one way or the other. If you know what to do, it shows. If you don’t, well, that’s where the smell comes from…”

Remember, it’s got nothing to do with your physical skills or athletic ability. And as Chris says, it it’s not something you can fake.

  1. What surprises most people is the fact you can actually learn this material just from watching the DVDs… even without practice.

I know this may seem counterintuitive and hard to believe but it’s true. And while there have been many cases that prove it, one still stands out in my mind.

Here’s what happened.

Several years ago, a guy bought an old VHS series we offered. He had it sitting by the VCR in his living room and every morning his friend (I don’t remember the name any more, let’s just call him ‘Bob’), anyway, Bob would come over to pick this guy up for work.

Well, seems he was never quite ready so Bob started watching these videotapes, a little bit at a time.

This went on for a while and Bob ended up watching each videotape several times (there were just 2 of them).

But he never once practiced anything he saw on the tapes. In fact, he never even thought about them except during his morning viewings.

Then one day, both these guys and a friend were riding the subway into New York to a job site when they were unexpectedly attacked by several thugs.

Bob was the one who actually wrote the note to us afterwards explaining what had happened.

He talked about how what they resorted to wasn’t pretty (I think he called it ‘downright ugly’) and how nothing happened as they would have expected (how many times have I talked about violence being totally random) but that all 3 emerged with just the expected nicks and bruises.

But what Bob couldn’t get over was how, in the midst of this total chaos he instantly began doing exactly what he’d watched on the videotapes… without hesitation or even giving it a momentary thought.

Looking back, he just couldn’t imagine how this could have happened. To him, it was if someone else was directing him.

And it’s true. Most people in this situation, even those highly trained, revert back to what they learned and did as teenagers. You even see it when you watch reality fighting matches.

Of course, what Bob experienced didn’t surprise us at all. We’ve seen it happen time and again.

Because Bob and his friend weren’t learning techniques while watching those videotapes. They were simply taking what they already knew how to do, overlaying it with the principles of violence, and then putting that on some unsuspecting attackers who made the mistake of thinking these guys would be easy pickings that day.

And it totally refutes those who say you have to go full force against some padded up person made up to simulate a real attacker, to go full speed in practice, to do thousands of monotonous reps of hundreds of techniques you’ll never remember anyway, to toughen up your hands and other body weapons to take the abuse they’ll need to handle, etc., etc.

These guys did none of that. They just watched the videos.

And it’ll stick with them a lifetime.

Now, is it my recommended way of learning TFT?

Nope, not at all.

You’ll get things down much faster practicing with a reaction partner. And you’ll ingrain it all in just 2 days by attending a live training session. It’s like anything else.

But the thing is… unlike all other self defense programs, you CAN pick TFT up very quickly, straight from a DVD. Even without practicing… and even if you’re 76-​​years-​​old.

And then you never need to worry about ‘that new victim smell.’

Train well,

Tim Larkin


Target-​​Focus Training

PS. Remember, the new ‘assembly process’ that’s incorporated in the 17-​​DVD Seminar Series (and all our DVD sets today) makes it many times easier to learn TFT from DVD than it was in Bob’s time just a few years ago.

Check it out here.



  1. Joe Brosnahan says:

    Yhere are many tristed individuals they prey on
    (in their eyes the weaker ) perhaps a cane or on crutches.
    Enen one semetrical as wellas fit can look and be a
    one les able to handle some onerous situation.
    Many thing peson is smaller hight wise is at a disadvantage.
    Just the oppasite
    Basic Phisics your lower to the ground, YourCenter of Gravity is Much in comarrision to taller .
    Nevr undereswtamate your oppnante short what ever canes these Beind that is a person perhaps been trained to Redirect some lumix stap Kracle pop or twisted into a pretzal,
    always best to be non violent I personaly if approched they see the kinetic unleased horror that will comence if pushed to no other way .
    One must endure not hurt unless absolutly neeassay
    Then oyu have to defend yourself ..this is the scary part Knowing The Outcome is just like war sencless however cannot let one Hurt you.
    God or whoever one prays to
    this doesnot come to be
    otherwose donot stop quickly efficantly do what is nessasary Then call 911 call 911 first if you can Proof is need You dial 911 leave off hook or cell dial & speak clear your in need ASAP!
    deal with ‚and one more thing Do not loose sleep over.
    Easier said than done

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