Rare “Quad Set” For Bigger Arms!!

Quad Set for Bigger Arms

Every guy wants “big arms”!

That’s why you’ll see an army of knuckleheads hitting the barbell curls several times a week while the experienced trainers know the real deal…

…The Secret To Monster Arms Is In Your TRICEPS!

You see, your triceps take up the vast majority of your upper arms and are the easiest to add more mass to.

(In fact, my old Army buddy, Quinn, who got me started with lifting had AWESOME arms…and hardly EVER worked his biceps!)

The problem that arises with targeting your triceps is that they’re not one single muscle group you can put the crosshairs on and fire away at.

They’re actually a group of 3 different individual muscles that work together for different functions: the outer triceps “lateral head”; the “long head” that runs along the back; and the “medial head” closest to your body.

Most people who are training their arms never fully hit all the muscle fibers in their triceps because each individual section is not under tension long enough to cause maximum fiber damage and trigger growth.

With traditional training, that means you would have to greatly increase the number of sets you do for each section and that’s just too much time to focus on one part of your training.

In my “Muscle Specialization Training” program, I reveal a unique method of cycling your mass-​​building exercises to skyrocket growth through a series of escalating intensity focused training sets.

This is by far the most powerful method of zeroing in on any muscle group that’s refusing to grow.

However, here’s an advanced arm training technique I often recommend using once a week during the muscle specialization “training weeks” for…

A Triceps Thrashing For Fast Muscle Growth!

First, for this unique method, we’re going to use the rare “quad-​​set” (4 exercises performed one after the other with no rest in between).

You’ll use:

- Triceps Exercise #1 — Underhand Grip Push Downs

- Triceps Exercise #2 — Overhand Grip Push Downs

- Triceps Exercise #3 — Close Grip Pushup (Elbows Wide)

- Triceps Exercise #4 — Close Grip Pushup (Elbows Close)

1. Start by loading up the pushdown cable machine with enough weight to hit 8–12 reps but take an UNDERHAND grip with your palms facing the ceiling and slightly wider than shoulder width.

This grip will better target the OUTER area of your triceps to make your arms look wider from the front.

Starting with your elbows close to your body and your forearms parallel to the ground, quickly bring the bar down until your arms are fully locked at the bottom of the movement.

Hold that position for 2 seconds and SQUEEZE your triceps in this contracted state before slowly (4 seconds) returning it to the parallel position.

Continue until you reach total muscular failure between 8–12 repetitions.

Then immediately go to Exercise #2 with NO REST…

2. Switch your hand position so that your palms are now facing the floor and slightly NARROWER than shoulder width apart.

Use the same exact weight as Exercise #1 but you’ll find that in this position, you’re working less of the exhausted outer triceps and are switching the emphasis to the longer middle section of your muscle group.

This will allow you to push a lot more weight as your arms are in a more “power position” than with the underhand grip.

Knock out as many reps as possible, using the same “fast down — slow up” tempo as you did previously, until you hit total muscular failure.

3. Next, as soon as you finish your last rep of Exercise #2, drop to the ground into pushup position with your hands no more than 6 inches apart and placed at your chest area with your elbows pointing out wide.

Do as many rapid repetitions as you can, bringing your body all the way up until your arms are locked out at the top and then quickly back down.

Pump out as many as possible until you hit failure.

(If you can’t do more than 5 pushups, do them on your knees from the very start.)

4. Finally, switch your elbows to the stronger position where they’re CLOSE to your body (near your hips) so you can finish off your triceps with one last blast of rapid pushups for a massive pump!

(Again, if you need to go to your knees…do it!)

You shouldn’t need to (or be able to!) do more than 2 rounds of this “quad set” to really hit your triceps hard and leave the gym with no doubt that you’ve initiated a powerful growth surge for adding more mass to your arms!


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