Quick Hit: A Volleyball Workout

Tom Hoff Volleyball Workout

Photo: Gold Medal Moment, courtesy of Tom Hoff

Being a professional volleyball player, it’s challenging to get a work out while traveling. 

According to US Olympic Gold Medalist and professional volleyball player Tom Hoff, “keeping your fitness level up while traveling helps me maintain the performance edge that I am always  in search of on the volleyball court.” 

Try this quick and dynamic volleyball work out sent to us by Tom. It will hit your legs and upper body, while keeping your heart rate up for short intense bursts —  exactly what you need for the sport of volleyball.

Perform each of the following supersets three times:

Superset #1

15 Perfect push ups with feet on physio ball for added core and shoulder stability work.

10 Perfect pull up grips hanging off a squat rack bar for Australian pull ups

10 Front squat

Superset #2

10 Explosive step ups each leg with weight vest

10 Perfect Pull ups narrow grip

10 Med Ball Russian twist


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