No Time to Workout? Try Fitness Multitasking!

Fitness Multitasking

Lots of people want to know how to squeeze in a workout on a day when they just don’t have time to designate a half hour or 45 minutes to a sweat session. Here are some of my tricks to multitask!

On an average day you can also fit toning moves into your daily routine by doing calf raises while brushing your teeth, push-​​ups on the counter while packing our lunch, walking or biking to work, doing triceps dips off the couch during commercials, always taking the stairs, doing squats back onto your desk chair while on the phone, cleaning your house and yard yourself, making your cocktail hour with friends into yoga-​​or-​​dance-​​class-​​hour with friends, and doing 30 crunches in bed at the beginning and end of every day.

And when you do have 30 minutes, you can get a full hour’s workout in half the time with my multitasking cardio/​toning fitness DVDs at www​.nikkifitness​.com.

Fitness — Fit it in!



  1. tyler says:

    ill try it , ive been wanting to join the navy and travel the world but i dont have my high school diploma or my GED so its ganna be a while lol

  2. Kristi Mastrelli says:

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