Crashing Technique Against Punches

Most martial artist think of blocking punches as either some “Daniel-​​Son” type of karate block or possibly fighting like a boxer who slips and parries to avoid punches. But the most natural human reaction to being punched is to put our hands up over our face and cover our head. This is actually not a bad approach to defending ourselves; but the technique of it actually needs to be tweaked a little bit.

One of the techniques we work the in the H2H Self-​​Defense System is called the crashing technique. The crashing technique is the act of strategically covering our head and vital targets and then crashing into our opponent. This self-​​defense technique does a variety of things.

1. It covers our head and vital areas suspectable to knockouts

2. It crashes into our opponent — thus removing the power of his punches

3. It can typically allow us to throw a devastating elbow strike to temporarily disable our attacker

4. It can drive our opponent into a wall for an easy takedown (view our all takedown series)

5. It allows us to easily throw our opponent and counter his actions

The video below shows you how to effectively crash into your opponent and then setup an outside leg reap takedown — a very simple, yet highly effective throw.

Crash Defense to Osoto Gari Throw


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