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Many people who think they are “too skinny” follow a weight gain meal plan strategy of eating everything they see. For some reason, however, gaining weight is still a struggle for these people. They have an ectomorph body type and a faster metabolism, and this keeps them skinny by nature and frustrated about their goal of building muscle. These frustrated “hardgainers” can, however, see the weight gain results they want by doing essentially the opposite of what overweight people do when they try to lose weight.

Take the dieter who tries to follow a low-​​calorie meal plan as an example. A weight gain meal plan should do the opposite and focus on high-​​calorie foods that are able to provide a calorie surplus without requiring you to eat a truckload of food. “Counting calories” might not be the easiest or most efficient way to gain weight, but it’s obvious that eating high-​​calorie foods will increase the total number of calories consumed. This will push an ectomorph into the surplus calorie zone required to build muscle mass.

In addition, the main goal of dieters is burning off fat, but frustrated skinny people who want to gain weight can actually be helped by adding some extra body fat. A weight gain meal plan that includes a few extra calories is better than a plan that does not include enough. It will help you develop more lean muscle by attaining what is called an “anabolic threshold.” The important thing is to develop a weight gain meal plan that concentrates on the proper types of foods at the proper times. Get ready to gain weight and build muscle when you follow these three weight gain meal plan guidelines:

Guideline #1: Include six to eight smaller meals in your weight gain meal plan.

By dividing your meal plan into more frequent but smaller meals, you will be able to consume more daily calories. Your body will receive a steady flow of the muscle-​​building nutrients that help you gain weight instead of being victimized by your fast metabolism between meals. Make sure you include higher-​​calorie foods in your meal plan.

Guideline #2: Your weight gain meal plan should schedule those smaller meals around your workout.

The easiest way to develop a weight gain meal plan is to plan your meals around your workout. For instance, you could divide the day into breakfast, a mid-​​morning snack, lunch, a mid-​​afternoon snack, a shake before your workout, a shake after your workout, dinner, and then a snack just before bedtime. Then adjust the schedule around the time of day when you work out.

Guideline #3: “Front load” the calories in your weight gain meal plan.

Although a little body fat is ok, you don’t want your weight gain meal plan to cause you to gain too much. You can reduce the chance of gaining too much fat despite a calorie surplus. Simply eat your high calorie meals early in the day. As the day goes on, consume fewer calories in the later meals of your weight gain meal plan. Meals eaten earlier in the day will feed your fast metabolism, and when your metabolism slows down at night, your body will not receive as many calories at a time when they’re more likely to be stored as fat.

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  1. Connor says:

    I am a 15 year old competitive year round swimmer and runner. I am 5\‘3\” and weigh 94.4 pounds. I was recently told to see a nutritionist by my Pediatrician in order to gain weight for growth. I have been seeing the nutritionist for three months now and have only gained one pound! They have me eating 3305 calories a day with 15% of the calories coming from protein. I do have a very high burning metabolism and I am very active. I burn around 1183+ calories three days a week (I swim two a days M-​​W-​​F with 1 hour to 45 minutes of circuit training for my dryland workout) and around 1000+? on the other three (I do not train on Sundays). I eat three regular meals a day with six snacks between them. I drink a weight gain boost after each training session. However, my biggest problem is that I am NEVER hungry! If I do get hungry, my appetite is small. Is there anything that I can eat to increase my appetite. A combination of certain foods, supplement, drink? Anything! It is very FRUSTRATING because I train hard but I know that if I do not get the nutrition I need all of my work is futile.
    Thank you for any advice that you can give me on this matter.
    Thank you,

  2. Jeff Anderson says:

    I know how frustrating it is when it seems like you can eat a ton and never gain an ounce. Sucks! :-)

    Basically, it\‘s a \“math thing\”. You have to get your calorie intake higher than your output… and with your activity schedule that\‘s tough. Your calorie count obviously isn\‘t enough but as you\‘ve stated, the answer isn\‘t to stuff yourself like a pig either.

    My suggestion is to focus more on WHAT you\‘re eating. With your metabolism, you can focus more on high-​​density carbs and healthy fats to help get you up there. You\‘ll also need to increase your protein a little as well (15% of a 3,300 calorie diet isn\‘t nearly enough, especially given how much you\‘re working your muscle).

    For high-​​density carbs, look to dehydrated fruit to help you out. Not the greasy, banana chips, but rather things like figs, dates, apples, prunes. Manna bread is also good.

    For fats, look toward snacking on walnuts, pecans, avocodos and other healthy fats.

    I\‘d also pick up a good whey protein powder and increase your shakes to 3 a day. These won\‘t fill you up as much but you can pack a lot of calories into them by adding in some protein powder, a little oat bran or wheat germ, some frozen fruit, a splash of olive oil or scoop of natural peanut butter (not the fake crap). These shakes can be your best friend with the challenges you\‘re facing.

    Keep it up brotha! Like I said, it\‘s all just a \“math thing\” so you really can see the gains you\‘re looking for! Just look at some of the guys who used this advice at http://​HardgainerProjectX​.com.

    If they can do it, you can do it. :-)

  3. Taylor Crocombe says:

    Im 17 and im a pole dancer and a regular gym member. I am already toned, but I want to be able to gain more weight and build some muscle. However it has been impossible for me to gain weight since a young age, I think this is possibly because I have a fast metabolism. Not even protien shakes are very effective. What can I do?

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