Kung Fu Technique Adapted for Street Fighting

The popular martial art, Kung Fu Wing Chin is effective for self defense when involved in a street fight. Because Wing Chun techniques are a southern style of kung fu, it is different than other styles of kung fu. One very effective Wing Chun technique is called the straight blast or chain punching.

The straight blast technique is basically a chain of circular punches that effectively drive down the vertical center line of an attacker’s body. When you attack the centerline of an attacker, you can fire off and land many punches very quickly. However, you should know that using the Wing Chun techniques for self defense has disadvantages as well as advantages.

The Straight Blast for Street Fighting

Advantages of Using the Straight Blast Wing Chun Techniques

Remember, during an actual street fight, an attacker is normally wide open down the centerline. When an attack comes from that direction, he will have a difficult time defending himself. Also, when chain punches are used in this manner, you are putting forward pressure on the attack, which of course is critical to winning a street fight. When you are able to gain and maintain the initiative, you will be able overwhelm your attacker, putting him down and out in no time at all.

In self defense, you have to constantly be on the offense, bringing the fight directly to the attacker in order to keep him off balance. This will also help you keep your balance, allowing you to stay upright, mobile, and in total control of the fight.

Drawbacks of Using the Straight Last Wing Chun Techniques

One major drawback to using the chain punching Wing Chun techniques is that you aren’t able to put a lot of power behind them in most cases. However, it is possible to learn how to deliver some very powerful chain punches while keeping your opponent of the defensive. Another disadvantage to using these circular chain punches is that beginners to the Wing Chun techniques can damage their wrists pretty easily.

How to Apply the Most Effective Wing Chun Technique for Street Fighting Self Defense

You can learn how to modify these Wing Chun techniques so they can be used effectively for self defense. Rather than delivering a punch, you should use a palm heel strike. It could be called the “palm heel straight blast”.

When you use this self defense technique, you use the exact same footwork and still strike along the centerline. Deliver repeated, piston-​​motion palm heel strikes. This will naturally cause your opponent to go on the defensive, allowing you to deliver the strikes with greater power.

In addition to being easier to launch, these palm heel strikes are safer for yur wrists. Using this variation of the Wing Chun techniques gives you a very effective self defense move that will help you when you’re involved in a street fight.



  1. John E. Koontz says:

    Your chain punch was done incorrectly. The power of these punches start in the rear heel of the back foot. Going from fist to palm heel strike is an excellent idea and the actual physics of the strike seems to lend itself to the Palm heel strike vice the chain fist technique.

    • Thanks John! Yes, the chain punching is NOT a good demonstration of the proper wing chun technique and I’m NOT a practitioner (though I’d kill to find a class near me!).

      You nailed my intent though, that you can get more power in a simpler move (usually the case anyway) by using palm heel strikes in the same manner as the chain punching.

      Thanks again for your input!

  2. Sean R says:

    Hey thanks! For several years I trained in self defense and one of the technologies that I really liked utilized the straight blast. That instructor used it as a method of getting into trapping range and then finishing the fight with headbutts, knees and elbows. But I was unable to use that technique because I was afraid that I would seriously damage my hands by using it. I always wondered if palm heels could be used in place of the fists. I would never do hand conditioning, I consider it foolhardy to purposely hurt yourself in order to be good at self defense. Thanks for answering my question, now I can use that tech.

  3. Kung fu panda says:

    Clearly the demonstrator never practiced Wing Chun. The chaon punch mechanics is exactly like the palm — from the strong stance, through the elbow along the center line. This funny circular movement is his own invention — no wonder that ineffective

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