MMA Ground and Pound for Self-​​Defense

Ground striking is something that most of us think is “easy” or is a “no-​​brainer”. The fact of the matter is that striking on ground, is actually a lot harder then you think — especially if you have an opponent who is strong, can keep you down, and control your motions.

The ability to strike on the ground is something that MMA fighters do very well. Reality-​​Based Martial Arts and MMA have more similarities then they would both like to admit. The both use very similar techniques, yet change the mindset to work for the situation that they are in. That is why I personally train both in sport fighting and reality based self-​​defense. When training for sport I am honing my skills, teaching myself natural reactions and learning to deal with fear, aggression, and adrenaline. Training in sport allows us to progress in our martial art. But — I also train specifically for self-​​defense. I do many drills, scenarios, and specific training that relates to real self-​​defense.

Back to the topic at hand — Ground and Pound. As I was saying MMA fighters understand ground striking and do it very well against tough opponents. MMA Fighterse understand where to target, how to control their body, the body of their opponent, and how to generate the most power.

One good strike can quickly turn the fight into your advantage and allow you to escape the situation. The last thing you want to do in a self-​​defense situation is spend more time on the ground. Good ground and pound principles can get you back on your feet and away from your opponent.

So in this video we’re going to look at some strategies of striking on the ground and how it relates to self-​​defense and real combat.

MMA Ground and Pound for Self-​​Defense

Check it out and let me know what you think!



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