The Truth About Self Defense and Multiple Attackers

The Truth about Self Defense Techniques and Multiple Attackers

Even trainees that are experienced in martial arts and clearly understand how to use self defense techniques have concerns when it comes to facing multiple attackers, and for good reason. When you find yourself in a situation where you have to defend yourself against multiple attackers, you are in a very dangerous position. The techniques that might work against a single opponent aren’t going to help you when you are up against multiple attackers. This, in fact, is one of 3 myths that are told and retold about self defense techniques against multiple attackers. Following are 3 common self defense techniques that could get you hurt or killed if you use them when you’re fighting multiple attackers.

3 Self Defense Techniques That Won’t Work Against Multiple Attackers

The first myth is the self defense technique that might be called the “ninja principle.” Everyone has seen those cheesy ninja movies where the good guy is outnumbered by the bad guys and the villains surround him in a circle. Each of the attackers wait until its their turn to fight the hero, who defeats each attacker, one by one. This is not how it will happen in the streets. In an actual self defense scenario, all the attackers will swarm in simultaneously. The more attackers there are, the worse the swarm will be. There is no way you will get out of this fight if you think you’re going to take them one by one.

The next myth is the idea that you will be able to line our attackers up and one will be used as a shield of sorts, blocking the other attackers as you shift and move, keeping your human shield between you and the other attackers. While this self defense technique might work in very close quarters, it is still very difficult to pull off. When there is any kind of space to work with, the attackers can easily flow around one another to swarm you.

The last myth about self defense techniques and multiple attackers in one that was mentioned earlier — self defense techniques that are effective against a single opponent rarely work when defending yourself against multiple attackers. When you are facing multiple attackers, the dynamics of the fight change drastically. Any self defense technique that keeps you fully occupied with one of the assailants will allow the other attackers to pound you at will.

When you find yourself in a multiple attacker scenario, you have to remember which self defense techniques don’t work so you can use the ones that do work. For example, you have to stay on your feet at all times, move quickly, and explode rapidly. You have to use the most vicious and brutal self defense techniques you know. In order to put each attacker out of the fight, you have to punish each on as quickly as possible. Remember, you can’t spend much time on each attacker. You have to be ruthless. While this sounds harsh and it is, it’s something you’ve got to understand if you want to make it out of a street fight that involves multiple attackers.


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