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Winter Music Playlist to Keep You Warmed Up!

I’ve said before that music makes the workout, and different workouts require different beats, genres, and moods. Since much of the country is dealing with snow and freezing temperatures this month, I created a new cardio workout playlist for warming up those cold winter muscles and sweating your way to spring. It’s comprised of new songs, some of which bang out body-​​moving lyrics. Two of them were recently performed in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show this month and really made me want to move.

Healthy Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Travel Tips

The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day can be the most damaging and unhealthy time of the whole year. While Thanksgiving is behind us, Christmas and New Year’s weeks are upon us, and it’s never too late to get on top of your nutritional game! There is no better time than right now to make yourself and your health a priority. Since so many people will be traveling over the next couple of weeks, I wanted to provide you with a toolkit to take with you on the road, plane, or train (or even to use at home) during this challenging time of year.

Holidays Made Perfect

Holiday Motivation

Teammates, once again the holidays are here, and for many of us, the holidays are a potluck of mixed emotions from joy and happiness to stress and sadness. For me, the holidays are an Awesome time of year – I love seeing my boys getting all amped-​​up about Santa, reconnecting with old friends, and of course great bonding with buddies and my bride and my family. However, without fail, I run into folks that don’t feel the same way I do about the holidays…that’s fine – it’s their call…and that’s what I want to remind you about. 

Free Baby Bootie Camp and Yoga Workout!

Here is a little holiday treat to all the new moms out there (if you are not one, there is a 15 minute yoga section for anyone.) I uploaded the entire 15 minute NikkiFitness Baby Bootie Camp workout and 15 minute soothing yoga stretch onto YouTube for a limited time. The video was shot in Mexico on the beach, and uses your baby as the weight.

Grappling Moves for the Street — Escaping the Mount

Photo From UFC​.com

The popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and the systems on which it is based (like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) means that it’s not unlikely that you could end up facing a grappler if you were to get into a fight. The grappling moves an MMA or BJJ guy will use are pretty simple really, at least philosophically. He wants to take you to the ground, get you in a superior position, and beat the hell out of you. Commonly called the “ground and pound”, it’s done most effectively from the grappling move called the “mount position”. This is when your attacker is on top of you, straddling you, beating you to a bloody pulp with his fists while you cower on the ground and can’t do much to stop him. Or can you?

Bodybuilding Supplements on a Budget!

Bodybuilding Supplements

If you’re serious about adding nutritional supplements to your bodybuilding program then your first step is to realize that this is going to be a monthly expenditure just like your car payment or phone bill.

And of course, you want to keep it MUCH closer to your phone bill than your car payment, right?

Let me share with you 2 EASY STEPS to saving a TON on your supplement bill…

Free Fitness Gifts for Helping a Child! (2 Days Only!)

Want to grab some cool free fitness gifts while helping to grant a sick child’s wish?

It’s a real win-​​win scenario and here’s how to help yourself and a needy child all at the same time…

You see, one of my life’s dreams has always been to work with children who are very sick or terminally ill to add more hope & happiness in their life. As a father of an 8 y.o. little boy, I can’t imagine what it would be like if my son, Tristan, were to be diagnosed with cancer, multiple sclerosis, or some other debilitating disease. Children should be running down the sidewalk with their friends — laughing, jumping, playing. Yet so many watch other children play while they lie in bed, sit in a wheelchair, or get into the car time after time for the endless visits to be poked and prodded by doctors and hooked up to machines. Recently I’ve begun to work with the “Make A Wish Foundation”, an organization that brings hope and joy to sick children by granting them a “wish” they’ve always wanted. (http://​Wish​.org)

Motivate Me to Lose Weight! Part 1

I’m hungry right now! It must have something to do with that I jogged around my neighborhood in 20-​​degree weather. I didn’t run as far as I normally have in the past. The roads were covered in black ice. Why did I do it? I still have a fitness goal, whether or not I could make it to the gym. The bottom line is that I’m motivated and excited about changing my body, and I am enjoying the process.

My inbox is filled with questions about how to lose weight after having a baby, surgery, etc. Some want to know how to get in shape in order to join the armed forces or manage their diabetes. My husband and I have over 100 free workouts on www​.startfitness​.com, with many of the fitness programs designed to answer common inquiries.

However if the information is out there, why are people still asking the same question? They are asking because they are hoping I’ll infuse them with something that will add a little resilience to their daily routine, something that might inspire them to get started or to continue toward the prize.

Being in SEAL Shape

Navy SEAL Workout

By Don Shipley, retired SEAL chief and the man behind Extreme SEAL.

It is very important in the SEAL Teams that you can handle your body-​​weight plus the weight of your gear.

What I mean by body weight is how much you weigh slick, with nothing on.

You need to keep in mind that when you walk out the door to go to work you always have at least thirty extra pounds of gear on, and depending on your job that night you might have as much as 50 or more extra pounds.

Multiple Attackers Self Defense — Defeating the Setup

Unfortunately, if you ever find yourself in a real street fight, you always need to consider the possibility that you’re being targeted by more than one person. This is particularly true in the case of street crime, in that gangs of criminals often work together. Or you could simply accidentally back your car into a truck load of drunken beer buddies at the local convenient store and find yourself facing some big dudes who feel a responsibility to teach you a lesson. As you can well imagine, being in this sort of situation can be potentially life-​​threatening, so of course it’s crucial that you make yourself aware of your surroundings and also if anyone is trying to get in behind you to set you up for an attack.

When someone becomes a victim of multiple attackers in a real street fight, they are often held from behind while the rest of the group does all the punching and kicking. The only hope you have in this type of scenario is to reverse this dangerous setup as quickly as possible. Let’s take a look at one effective self defense technique for doing just that.

Crazy Exercise Obliterates Upper Chest Muscles!

Bench Press

I hesitate to even write this article because any knucklehead who doesn’t follow my instructions to the letter could SERIOUSLY injure himself! 

But I’m going to chance it because this is going to become one of your best “secret weapons” in your chest building routine. In fact, done right, you’ll quickly see growth in that hard-​​to-​​hit area of your upper chest that seems to flip you “the finger” every time you look in the mirror.  It’s an “old school” chest burner from legendary “Mr. Cranky Pants”, Vince Gironda…

Lose Weight Without Dieting

Weight Loss

My next blog was going to be about detailing weight loss for clients. Then, after weighing myself the other morning and realized, this month marks a year since I was pregnant with my first child. I have lost not only all of the 35 pounds of pregnancy weight, but an additional 6 pounds to boot. While I have a long road to hoe back to a chiseled body, 41 pounds later, I am my own living testimonial.

How, you might ask, did I do it? For the first six months, I poured over every post and article about losing weight while breastfeeding. I just wasn’t losing the rest of the weight. Why did the extra fat seem ready to continue hanging out like a bad houseguest? I thought, I’m a fitness professional, shouldn’t this be easy? Wrongly or rightly no, it wasn’t easy. After reading myself silly, I emerged from the computer with a new illuminated light bulb overhead. Breastfeeding was keeping a few of the unwanted pounds on in order to nourish my little growing boy. So, I kept eating the right portions but stopped with the obsessive worry.

How to Fight: Powerful Combo Self Defense Technique

Most people trying to defend themselves in a fight end up using little more than barroom brawling tactics rather than real self defense techniques. Two fighters throwing haymaker punches from left field, all aimed at striking the head or upper body. If you’ve ever seen a real street fight in action, you’ll notice that these punches rarely hit their intended target and therefore do little damage. This makes this fighting methodology very ineffective as a self defense technique. But there’s a better way…

How to Build Bigger Biceps in 3 Easy Steps

Build Bigger Biceps

Clint Eastwood wouldn’t have been a very intimidating Dirty Harry if all he pulled out was a little .22 caliber pistol to make his point. He knew that to really make the bad guy’s knees shake and the lady’s legs quiver, a .44 Magnum was the weapon of choice?!

So when it comes to bicep development, why should YOU settle for second rate pea-​​shooters when you can pack some REALLY BIG GUNS?

Let’s face it, all men want big biceps. They’re the easiest muscle to show off without getting undressed, women love to wrap their arms around them when walking down the street, and they’re SMALL .

Whoa…I didn’t mean YOURS were small. I simply mean that compared with other muscles of the body, like your chest, back, and legs, your biceps are a relatively small muscle. That’s GOOD NEWS!

Holiday Fitness with Fox and Friends!

Holiday Weight Gain

We are in the thick of it! Holiday shopping, parties, traveling and stress take a toll on our bodies and calendars. Studies show that the average person gains between 1–5 pounds during the holidays. That means 15–75 pounds since 1995 if you didn’t work it off!
I teamed up with Fox and Friends to show some holiday fitness moves that you can do anywhere -  a hotel room, your grandmother’s basement, or an airport. Check out these moves and my Fit Travel Workout DVD for full body toning and cardio moves that require no equipment.  It only takes 30 minutes to be in the thin of it this year, and boost your mood while lowering stress by fitting in your fitness this holiday season.

Playground Trick to Escape Multiple Attackers

A self defense situation that involves multiple attackers is one of the most dangerous ones to be in. It’s bad enough if you’re facing an attacker on the street that’s stronger and bigger than you are, but when you’re facing a group of people, even when they’re smaller than you, a group like this can kill you. If a group of attackers is able to get you to the ground and start pounding you, the last thing you ever see may be their boots. Your main priority in a situation like this is to escape!

Escaping should not be thought of as cowardly. When the odds are not in your favor and there is a slim chance of winning such a street attack, only a fool would stick around to fight and risk being maimed or killed. Nearly every self defense instructor will advise his students to run from a fight whenever possible. While this is great advice, there’s one thing that many people fail to take into account; what if one of the multiple attackers runs faster than you do?

Long Lost Supplement Burns Fat and Saves Muscle

Muscle Building

All but lost is a little-​​known “old school” supplement that used to be one of pro bodybuilding’s best supplements for when competitors were trying to shed crazy amounts of body fat but needed to hold on to as much muscle as possible.

Why haven’t you heard of it as often?

Well quite frankly, over the years, individual supplements just haven’t been as sexy as the high priced “breakthrough formulas” being marketed…and not as profitable for the supplement companies!

So what is this amazing (yet boring) supplement that can dramatically increase fat-​​burning while helping keep the muscle mass you’ve worked so hard for?