Grappling Moves for the Street — Escaping the Mount

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The popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and the systems on which it is based (like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) means that it’s not unlikely that you could end up facing a grappler if you were to get into a fight. The grappling moves an MMA or BJJ guy will use are pretty simple really, at least philosophically. He wants to take you to the ground, get you in a superior position, and beat the hell out of you. Commonly called the “ground and pound”, it’s done most effectively from the grappling move called the “mount position”. This is when your attacker is on top of you, straddling you, beating you to a bloody pulp with his fists while you cower on the ground and can’t do much to stop him. Or can you?

To escape the mount, you’re going to have to employ some grappling moves of your own. When you’re on your back and he’s on top of you, it’s difficult to defend yourself. You can try to cover from the blows, but that’s just stalling. Sooner or later, he’s going to overwhelm you. If he’s on top of you just pounding away, whittling down your defenses, you won’t last long and he’s going to break through and bust you up eventually. Time is not on your side.

There are some things you can do, though. While covering yourself as best you can with one hand, take your other hand, reach out with your fingers splayed like an eagle’s claw, and grab a big hunk of flesh from the side of his torso. Grab down around the lower abdomen area on the side of his body. Get as much of him into your hand as you can. Then twist. Squeeze and twist as if you’re trying to rip off a hunk of the guy, with as much force as you can muster.

No matter how tough the guy is, doing something like that is bound to produce at least a flinch reaction in him. It may produce a much bigger reaction than that, but even in the biggest, toughest guys, it will at least distract them momentarily. When he flinches, get your other hand up and grab the side of his head. Twist and pull to roll him right off you. Once you’ve turned the tables, employ your combatives skill and be vicious in your counterattack. If you roll him over just right, you’ll end up between his legs, with him on the ground, and you can use your own mount position to strike back. That is turning one of the worst self-​​defense scenarios into one of the best ones, and can give you a valuable chance to quickly inflict damage and then escape.



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    “you can try this on yourself right now”

    I did and it really hurt like ****. heheh. Nice technique, I gotta tell about it ot my partners. Thanks!

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