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My next blog was going to be about detailing weight loss for clients. Then, after weighing myself the other morning and realized, this month marks a year since I was pregnant with my first child. I have lost not only all of the 35 pounds of pregnancy weight, but an additional 6 pounds to boot. While I have a long road to hoe back to a chiseled body, 41 pounds later, I am my own living testimonial.

How, you might ask, did I do it? For the first six months, I poured over every post and article about losing weight while breastfeeding. I just wasn’t losing the rest of the weight. Why did the extra fat seem ready to continue hanging out like a bad houseguest? I thought, I’m a fitness professional, shouldn’t this be easy? Wrongly or rightly no, it wasn’t easy. After reading myself silly, I emerged from the computer with a new illuminated light bulb overhead. Breastfeeding was keeping a few of the unwanted pounds on in order to nourish my little growing boy. So, I kept eating the right portions but stopped with the obsessive worry.

Turns out, when I stopped breastfeeding at ten months, the rest of the weight started to fall off. However, it didn’t fall off by accident. It was a conscience effort.

Instead of going for a low-​​fat, calorie-​​restricted diet, I cut out or down in eating sugar and kept to  moderate portion sizes (satisfied but not full). Out with the extra bread and pancakes and in with oatmeal topped with almond butter. Less honey in the tea. I switched from sautéed veggies to the naked only been washed variety in at least one meal a day.

My diet consisted of:
7a– tea with soy milk and a teaspoon or two of honey
7:30a– oatmeal with soy milk and a tablespoon or two of raw almond butter
12– raw vegetable salad with chicken or fish
3p– fruit (apples, bananas, grape or cherry tomatoes)
6/​7p– same as lunch or casserole with farm fresh veggies or homemade, lower fat/​carbs chicken gumbo

As I have approached my goal weight, I’ve added a few things that I enjoy like one small glass of red-​​wine or a piece of dark chocolate (not the entire bar). My body rejects high glycemic foods reacting with extreme lethargy. This type of diet has caused me to feel well, satisfied and as a bonus, I’m two pounds away from my original goal weight which is 10 pounds less than I weighed when I got pregnant.

Additionally, I try to get in 4–5 days of exercise a week. I lift weights at least once a week. I try for two. Now that I am trying to gain muscle weight, I’ll lift as many as three times a week for 30–60 minutes. I attend weight lifting classes or do them on my own. I’ll also participate in pilates and an occasional yoga class. The rest of the time I take kick-​​boxing or high intensity aerobic classes, watch movies while cycling, read magazines while doing the stair machine or on clear days I’ll jog my 1.4 mile loop 3 to 4 times. I measure the distance and calories burned on my phone app, CardioTrainer.

No, it hasn’t exactly been easy. However, I’ve done things that I enjoy and I eat foods that make my body feel great and sneak in a few that I enjoy. Enjoying the process is definitely key. If you hate the process, losing weight will feel like drudgery.

My new goal? I want to gain a few pounds….  of muscle that is.


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  1. Joni Vasquez says:

    Stephanie, you look amazing.… I have really enjoyed reading your articles and seeing pics of you/​family. Your little one is such a handsome blend of the two of you, you are my inspiration to keep getting to that gym!

  2. Elia Cruz says:

    it was great to know how to lose weight this helped me a lot thank you…

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