How to Knock Someone Out With One Blow!

So, you’d like to know how to knock someone out cold with just a single blow?

When it comes to ending a street fight as quickly as possible, nothing is more effective than a headbutt (or as they refer to it in Scotland, a “Glasgow Kiss”).

By smashing the crown of your head against your enemy’s face, you’re essentially taking advantage of your body’s most effective weapon in order to strike your opponent on their body’s most vulnerable part.

What many people don’t realize however is that the common way in which a person delivers a headbutt is far from being the most effective way it can be delivered.

Let me elaborate.….

How to Knock Someone Out With a Headbutt

Most people who try to knock someone out with a headbutt will attempt to grab their opponent by the neck in order to pull their opponents face towards the crown of their head.

Unfortunately however, by grabbing your opponent’s neck, you’re simply helping them to prepare for action.

The minute your opponent feels your hands grab his neck he will automatically know that you are going to try and pull him towards you.

In most cases, his hands will come up in self defense, and because his shoulders will have tensed up by now, it’s going to be rather difficult trying to pull him in towards your headbutt.

A Better Way to Headbutt

The best way to knock someone out with a headbutt is for you to use what one could call a “whiplash” action.

In fact, this can be extremely effective if your opponent is caught off guard.

In order to execute this move, simply reach forward so that you can grab your opponent’s shirt with both hands.

At this point, you need to push your opponent away from you, but of course you must not let go.

Because you’ve essentially pushed him off balance, his shoulders will automatically relax, and of course his head will move towards you as a result of his body moving away from you at such a rapid pace.

As you can see, to knock someone out using a headbutt, you need to take advantage of that backward momentum.

At the very moment your opponent is off balance, you need to pull his body towards you, while you yourself have your chin tipped in towards your chest.

The whiplash motion mentioned above will create a huge amount of forward momentum, thus causing your opponent’s face to smash into the crown of your head.

Basically, by pushing your opponents body rapidly in one direction, and then pulling it just as rapidly in the other direction, you’re essentially turning him into a rag doll.

Because of his body’s momentum, the force with which his face meets your crown will usually result in him being knocked out with a single blow.



  1. Matt says:

    I only hope for the day i get into a ligament fight that someone tries to headbutt me like so. Man, i would judo throw the **** out of them, and if there not knocked out by then id use 1 of 5 ninjitsu, aikido, ju jutsu, or muay thai techniques.

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