Interview with UFC Fighter Mike Swick

Photo: Ultimate Fighter Championship fighter Mike Swick demonstrates various moves used to submit opponents at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia on April 04, 2010.

Recently the Fightlife TV crew visited American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, California, home of the current UFC Heavyweight Champ, Cain Velasquez, and perennial welterweight contenders John Fitch, Josh Koshchek, and Mike Swick. Mike was busy getting ready for the UFC’s Fight for the Troops event on January 22nd, 2011. We were treated to Mike and John going toe to toe for several rounds of sparring, hitting the pads with their striking coaches and grappling with Strikeforce fighters Daniel Cormier and Herschel Walker. After the workout, we talked with Mike about his relentless pursuit of fighting excellence, and his tireless support of the troops. He’s been to 9 countries on tours of bases from Germany to Iraq, taught MMA seminars and been out on the shooting range with soldiers. I ask him about his tours and what he finds most impressive about the men and women of our fighting forces.

Unfortunately, just before the New Year, Mike’s fight was scratched due to an injury to his opponent. Since Mike has also been dealing with a medical issue of his own, he opted not to accept a replacement opponent. Here is Mike’s statement from his Facebook page: “Not fighting on January 22nd. I got the call yesterday that David Mitchell backed out due to an injury and considering my current situation we opted to put off the fight all together. I have been dealing with with my esophageal condition this whole camp and its taken a toll on my body. I will need more time to seek better treatment to ensure I can compete at this level.”

Mike has been responsible for some of the quickest finishes in UFC history and is an electrifying athlete with the full complement of mma fighting skills and the mental fortitude to go along with them. We wish the best for Mike, and hope that he is able to get a handle on this issue and resume his fighting career as soon as possible. To learn more about Mike, check out his Youtube channel with numerous videos of military tours, adventures in Thailand training with Roger Huerta, and other exploits. Mike is also an entrepreneur, he’s created a line of apparel called Combat Life, and a screen printing shop in his home town of San Jose called Spartan Screen Printing. You’ll see a couple of his shirt designs in the video, in the interview and in footage from Iraq. Stay tuned for more information on the fights and the benefit program Mike mentions, The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. Learn more about their mission and services by going to www​.fallenheroesfund​.org.



  1. 1dimarine says:

    I saw some Army service member on his back.

    I think the MARINES can show him a few tactical movements.
    Why,? We train and have a self defence program that a MMA could not hang with.

  2. Peter Pryputniewicz says:

    It’s true, you did in fact see an ARMY service member fighting from his back… I agree the Marines could probably show us all some good tactical self defense skills. Let’s make that happen! I’d like to take a look at any good systems that can translate into better personal safety skills. Who should I talk to 1dimarine?

  3. Mike Swick announced recently that he is back in good health after some more adventures supporting the troops and getting into trouble in Thailand, posting this to his Twitter feed:
    “Havent seen Danas blog but yes Im bigger. 5lbs bigger than when I fought Okami at middle weight. Health finally better! I’m finally back! ;)“
    Mike will be fighting in the UFC 133 event, broadcast August 27th, 2011 at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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