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Get Quick Results with Interval Training

Interval training is everywhere these days. If you haven’t heard of it or tried it yourself, you’re missing out big time! Perhaps you’ve done interval training without even knowing it – by taking a spin or other cardio-​​based exercise class, or maybe you incorporate sprints into your weekly jogs? Many of my clients tell me they are frustrated because their exercise routine is not producing the desired results of weight loss and improved fitness. Instantly I know that they are about to tell me they’re spending day after day doing the same monotonous routine – whether it is walking, biking, swimming, or pedaling away on the elliptical.

Prepare For Underwater Swims Without Water!

Often I get great ideas from readers who are training to become Special Operators. Many times it is difficult to find a place to swim or with someone competent enough to watch you while you do underwater swims. My rule has always been – NEVER SWIM ALONE – PERIOD. And do not try to push 50m underwater or drown-​​proofing without trained personnel observing for safety. However, I received a great idea the other day from Jason – check it out.

Multitasking Moves to Makeover Body

People always ask me how to get their body in shape quick when they find out about a certain deadline they want to look better for or be stronger for. The answer is to combine moves that work your upper body, lower body, and put you a little off balance, so that your abs work to hold you steady.  I showed some of these multitasking toning moves on Fox and Friends this past weekend (from my newest DVD). If you need to up your intensity, try these out with different size weights. Multitask your way to a body makeover!

Live Event: Social Chaos Survival!

On Thursday, February 24th, The Social Chaos Survival Guide website is offering a free “Escape & Evasion” Online Broadcast.  2 Attendees will win a free S.C.R.A.M. Bag.

Only 200 slots are available, so register as soon as possible — http://​www​.socialchaossurvivalguide​.com

On this eye-​​​​opening LIVE broadcast you’ll discover…

Social Chaos Live Event!

On Thursday, February 24th, The Social Chaos Survival Guide website is offering a free “Escape & Evasion” Online Broadcast.  2 Attendees will win a free S.C.R.A.M. Bag.

Only 200 slots are available, so register as soon as possible — http://​www​.socialchaossurvivalguide​.com

On this eye-​​opening LIVE broadcast you’ll discover…

=> Real world tactics to survive civil unrest (such as natural disaster conflicts, demonstrations gone bad, race riots, etc.)

=> How to defeat looters and violent opportunists with nothing to fear during times of lawlessness!

6-​​Inch Mass Building Shoulder Shocker

Military Presses are a foundational exercise in any mass building routine for your shoulders.

Problem is, for tall, skinny hardgainers like me, long arms and Military Presses don’t mix well.

If you have longer arms, you have a much larger range-​​of-​​motion on pressing exercises and this makes it very difficult to micro-​​target a muscle group without first fatiguing your other muscles of your arms.

But since shoulders are a prime target muscle group for tall, skinny guys to bulk up and “look” bigger, we need a way to overcome this genetic limitation.

Beer, Martinis and Margaritas, OH MY!

This week a client told me he wanted to lose ten pounds in one month. He was going to a party that night and wanted to know which alcoholic beverage would do the least damage. Many of us are aware that drinks like margaritas and daiquiris have tons of calories and sugar, but do we take the time to calculate how many servings of alcohol we are consuming every week – and how quickly that can add to our waistline? Can drinking alcohol be healthy? Which drinks have the most sugar and calories? What is actually one serving?? Read on for your answers…

Prevent Winter Plateaus with Plyometrics

It’s cold out. It would be easier to travel across Antarctica than to get to the gym, but I worry that my home workout won’t “bring it” like the gym does. Does this sound familiar? If so, I am here to show you that there is no reason your at-​​home workout doesn’t have to make you grunt, sweat, burn and pant. You just need plyometrics! In this month’s Prevention Magazine (pg. 75) I provided four at-​​home plyometric moves from my “NikkiFitness Booty Camp DVD” Check it out to prevent winter fitness plateaus.

Plyometrics are workouts that incorporate fast leaping, jumping, or skipping, and basically doing level-​​change moves which require strength and power. What’s more, plyo moves burn calories and build lean muscle fast.

Get Lean While Lifting Weights

How many people really know what they are doing at the gym? Many go to the gym, do a few weighted exercises (think beach muscles) and leave. Did they get a workout? That depends on your definition of a “workout.” How much more could they have accomplished if they had an actual plan? What if the plan included more than just weight lifting? What if it maximized the hour by also incorporating cardio, core training and more in the workout?

America’s Fat Foods

Since the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans came out about a week ago, there have been numerous press releases and articles about what they say and how to interpret them. There have been some minor changes since the last set of guidelines in 2005, but the recommendations still focus on reducing calories and increasing physical activity to maintain or reach a healthy weight. The consensus still includes reducing dietary sodium, saturated and trans fats, cholesterol, added sugars, refined grains and alcohol in addition to increasing consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-​​fat dairy products, lean protein sources (especially seafood), healthy oils, and foods rich in vitamins and minerals. To read more about the Dietary Guidelines, visit http://​www​.cnpp​.usda​.gov/​D​G​A​s​2​0​1​0​-​P​o​l​i​c​y​D​o​c​u​m​e​n​t​.​htm.

Don’t Get Sick While Sculpting

I admit it, two years ago I got what I think was MRSA (bacteria called methicillin-​​resistant staphylococcus aureus, often seen on the news and pronounced like “Mersa”) on my shoulder after using a dirty gym mat or machine.

Ever since then, I have been super careful with using towels on top of my mats, cleaning gym equipment before I use it and showering immediately afterwards. If gym germs gross you out as well, I found a solution. SilverSport towels, hot yoga mats and fitness rollers let you take your mind off of bugs and bacterial and let you focus on your form instead.

Secrets of the Pullup Revealed!

The bench press has the reputation of being the one exercise that’s somehow a good tool to measure how much of a “man” you are.

The barbell squat is known as the “king” of all compound exercises in its ability to trigger natural anabolic hormone release and stimulate muscle growth.

But in my opinion, it’s the Pull-​​Up that determines your “intestinal fortitude” when it comes to training to build muscle AND burn fat!

Devastating Close Quarters Combat Takedown Technique!

When you find yourself in a close quarter’s combat situation, things can quickly get deadly so you need a self defense takedown technique that ends the fight fast. If you find yourself locked up in a clinch with an attacker and you’re struggling for a position while standing, you won’t be able to protect any other people that are with you if you’re locked up with just one attacker. If there are other attackers, you and others that are with you become vulnerable to attack.  Here’s a devastating takedown technique that works lightning fast…

Super Bowl Survival Guide

Game day is approaching, and while many of us are eager to see which team will come out with the “W”, we are probably just as eager to get our hands on those game day goodies. Football is a great American pastime, and so are the tasty snacks, dishes, and drinks that go along with it. This Superbowl Sunday, make your game day healthier for you, your family, and your friends. Whether you are staying home, entertaining guests, or attending a party – you can prepare some tasty, yet healthy, dishes to serve up. If you do it right, no one will be able to tell the difference!

LOG PT for Spec Ops Training

Many future candidates for SEAL, SWCC, Army Special Forces, and other special training try to create training programs to prepare for this obviously painful workout period. If you look at any pictures online you will be pain etched in the faces of the people under the log. Here is a common question from our Heroes of Tomorrow.

Is there anyway to do log PT without a log? I think I need to add more shoulder work into my program as this looks rough. What do you recommend?