Devastating Close Quarters Combat Takedown Technique!

When you find yourself in a close quarter’s combat situation, things can quickly get deadly so you need a self defense takedown technique that ends the fight fast. If you find yourself locked up in a clinch with an attacker and you’re struggling for a position while standing, you won’t be able to protect any other people that are with you if you’re locked up with just one attacker. If there are other attackers, you and others that are with you become vulnerable to attack.  Here’s a devastating takedown technique that works lightning fast…

Devastating Close Quarters Combat Takedown Technique

When you are in a close quarter’s combat situation, one of the best self defense moves to use is a fast takedown technique. Self defense takedown techniques can make a big difference, especially when you’re in a clinch. This can often mean the difference between lying on the ground bleeding and surviving. When you use a powerful takedown technique, you will be able to put your assailant on the ground quickly, allowing you to escape or deal with other attackers. Following is an example of a powerful self defense takedown technique that will take your attacker out of the fight:

Step-​​By-​​Step CQC Tactical Takedown

First, make sure that you have your arm inside your attacker’s arm so that you own the inside of the clinch. If you find yourself on the outside of a clinch, you won’t have as many target option, but your attacker will have numerous options for uppercuts, knees, and other strikes.

To implement this effective takedown technique, you’ll have to get one arm inside. This means that if one of your arms is on the outside, you’ll have to take one arm off of the attacker and quickly go under the attacker’s arm on the same side, sliding your hand upwards along his chest.

As your hand is traveling up your attacker’s body, move your fingers up to his throat. Once you’ve made your way to his throat, you’ll want to locate the “notch” that’s at the base of the throat, above the collar bone. Simultaneously, put your other hand behind the attacker’s neck in order to gain control of his body so you can execute the takedown technique.

Finally, press the attacker’s throat notch with your finger tips. As you are pushing in, simultaneously push down, toward the ground behind your attacker’s feet. This in-​​and-​​down movement makes this a very powerful self defense technique. Your attacker will naturally fall down, choking and gagging, allowing you to follow up on the takedown technique and escape.



  1. Nobody says:

    1st off I don’t know anything about fighting.
    Just wanted to share a hobby I picked up that has surprising side benifits. It teaches you how to fall on concrete in un anticipated quick spills and big ones, you learn how to generate power using every muscle in your body and develop excellent muscle memory for balance. The biggest side benifit I realized was while catching air and landing, falling, or grinding coping on transitions time began to literally slow down during intense things that happened in a few seconds. And I mean seconds of time slowing to an almost standstill. This exercise can be done at most public skateboarding parks. I recommend no pads but you should wear a helmet. If a beginner it will take a couple of years to feel the energy flow of this without ending the exercise in an ambulance. Watching the youngsters doing tricks down sets of stairs with handrails is mind blowing when you realize how they have developed incredible strength and instinct from this.
    What is almost disturbing is seeing people getting up from falls like they were nothing that would send most to the trauma unit with a possible extended stay.

  2. rey says:

    Learn combat survival im 6 feet 140 lbs i can takeout a person 25Olbs with one presure point strike. Feel behind your ears just at the base behind your ears you will feel a indent now putk one thumb on each indent and motercycle twist. The pain will be emence. Give it a try

  3. anthony says:

    yea mut your hands near my mouth and i will bite your finger off real close quarters combat

  4. anthony says:

    Always feel your enemy is trying to kill you then you will see the true animal within.
    Game changer is intent

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