4 “Bodyguard” Evasive Driving Moves!

When you think about “self defense”, you probably think about punching and kicking skills… firearms training… edged weapons… etc.

But violence comes in many forms.

And there’s one area that most people don’t even consider preparing for, and it’s a HUGE mistake!

For example, what if you were:

  • Attacked by a crowd of people at a demonstration?
  • Being chased by a driver on the highway who you mistakenly cut off and he’s trying to run you down?
  • Targeted by a gang as a victim of opportunity?

(True story.. in New Mexico, gangs initiated new members by driving around with their lights off.  The first oncoming car that flashed its lights as a “friendly heads up” would become the “target car”. The gang would circle around and the new member’s role was to shoot at the car… no matter WHO was in it!)

These are very real scenarios that you MUST prepare for!

For this reason, you need to include “evasive driving” in your survival plan.

Now that DOESN’T mean you have to have a fast car and go to bodyguard school.

In fact, here are 4 tips you can master right now for evasive driving skills when you’re being chased by a car full of attackers:

1.  “Speed” is not necessarily your friend

The one who survives a high speed car chase isn’t usually the fastest, it’s the one who doesn’t crash.

Watch those idiots being chased by police on shows like “Cops” and those crazy “caught on video” shows and you’ll see that all the police have to do is follow the perp until he wraps himself around a telephone pole and then put the cuffs on him.

In a chase, try not to travel over 65mph to make sure you can handle your car effectively on the turn of a dime.

2.  Turn when they can’t

Rather than try to outrun someone, let them get close enough to you and then take a quick, last minute turn in a different direction.

Action is faster than reaction and if they’re behind you, they won’t be able to respond in time to take the same turn you just did.  They’ll either crash or have to back up to follow you and by then, you’ll be long gone.

3.  If on a highway, take a 4-​​lane exit

If you’re being chased by someone on the highway, identify an upcoming exit and move to the far LEFT lane.

With your pursuer close behind you, make sure you have clearance and at the last minute, shoot across all 4 lanes to barely make your exit.  It will be difficult for them to back up, especially in the left lane against traffic, to follow you.

4. Distract the driver

If you’re driving at night, reach under your seat and pull out a 2– to 5,000,000 candlepower spotlight.  (You can get these from any boating or auto store.)

Shine it behind you at the driver and you’ll instantly blind him.  He’ll likely stop the car out of sheer panic of crashing (which he may do).

These are just a few of the tricks you can use to escape from someone while you’re in your vehicle.

For even “sneakier” advice, there’s a whole section on “survival driving” in a program our organization just released on “escape and evasion during riots”.

You can learn more at: www​.SocialChaosSurvivalGuide​.com

It’s loaded with tactical strategies not just for driving, but for dealing with ANY situation where you’re targeted for an attack by a group of people.



  1. Adrian says:

    True story…? in New Mexico…? http://​www​.snopes​.com/​c​r​i​m​e​/​g​a​n​g​s​/​l​i​g​h​t​s​o​u​t​.​asp

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