Close Combat: Heavyweight

The Pentagon Channel has a very cool new HD feature on close combat.

Learn more about the physical and mental benefits of combatives training. Plus, all the heavyweight action from the U.S. Army Combatives Championship at Fort Benning, GA. Check out this video on the benefits of CQC training.

Related News:

The team championship at the U.S. Army Combatives Tournament was renamed the Lacerda Cup in tribute to a Ranger and former champion who passed away earlier this year.

SSG Pedro Lacerda of the 75th Ranger Regiment died May 29 as a result of complications from a spontaneous brain aneurysm. The 30-​​year-​​old Ranger Assessment and Selection Program instructor with the Regimental Special Troops Battalion at Fort Benning had been leading a squad-​​sized element of RASP students through physical training a day earlier when he collapsed.

Read the full story at the official Army website.


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