Multiple Attackers Self Defense Escape

One of the most dangerous scenarios out there is dealing with multiple attackers in a street fight. You never know what kind of “adult toys” are going to be brought to the game (guns, bats, knives, etc.). What happens if you’re immobilized and you can’t fight back? Probably the most common fighting move amongst multiple attackers is when one person holds you with your arms locked behind you. Without the ability to escape the other predators will be able to close in and have their way with you. If you want to escape this hold, then utilize the following self defense technique.

Even though your upper body is locked in this multiple attacker hold, when your arms are held behind you, your lower body is free to move. In order to escape from the person holding you, it’s important to use the lower body as leverage. If you’re in the chicken wing position, your attacker is primarily focusing his strength on your upper body and is therefore vulnerable below his center of gravity. In fact, the harder you are being held, the easier it’s going to be to apply this self-​​defense technique.

Self Defense Escape Technique Against Multiple Attackers

In order to perform this self defense technique right, you must pivot your hips and shift your body to one side. Make sure you have enough room to slip one of your legs around the back of your attacker. Crouch down slightly and step behind him as far as you can. The farther you step the better and it doesn’t matter if you use your left or right foot.

This defense technique against multiple attackers can be extremely beneficial. While you’re stepping behind him, be sure to place your foot on the other side of his far foot. Remember you’re crouched at this point. From this position, all you have to do now is stand up quickly and you’ll instantly shift your attacker’s center of gravity to the side.  His balance will be taken away and his feet will fly out from underneath him.

Speed is extremely important here.  You must understand that when more than one person is trying to hurt you, you have to utilize this self defense technique quickly. The faster you stand up, the more forceful this move will be which eventually makes the person holding you fall backwards. It’s possible he may accidentally kick one of the other multiple attackers at the same time since his legs will shoot out. All this revolves around is simple physics and body mechanics at work. The end result allows you to stomp on your former captor if he or she is in range or escape, which is your ultimate goal when facing the need for self defense against multiple attackers.

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