Full Body Gym Workout

This blog is quick and simple. It is a full body workout to use in the gym. Warning: this is not a basic level workout.

Dynamic Warm-​​up: 10–15 Minutes (use the link to read detail about a dynamic warm-​​up)

Circuit One

Skip rope, 2–5 minutes

Bodyweight squats x 20–50

Power clean x 10

Based on your level of conditioning, repeat 2–4 times

Circuit Two

Moving mountain climbers.

- Action Prep: Put paper or plastic plates (they need to slide on the floor) under your feet as you assume a push-​​up position.

- The action: Walk your hands forward as you slide one knee into your chest. Switch feet. Your feet should move twice as fast as your hands (approximately 4 repetitions per arm cycle).

Push-​​ups x 15–30

Based on your level of conditioning, repeat 2–4 times

Circuit Three

Pull-​​ups x 8–15

Walking lunges with dumbbells or weighted plates. In between lunges, perform one shrug

Based on your level of conditioning, repeat 2–4 times

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Warning: Always seek the advice and guidance of a qualified health provider with any questions or concerns you may have prior to commencing a fitness program. This article should not be relied on or substituted for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. The exercises presented are for suggestion only. Participate at your own risk. Stop if you feel faint or short of breath.


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