Sneaky Trick to Bench 50% More Weight

Bench Press

The following exercise trick will amaze you with its power to instantly increase your max workout weight by 25–50% the very next time you step up the the bench press.

Here’s how to do it…

First, pick a weight that you can bench for about 10 times and do just 6 reps. Do 3 sets of these with about a 2 minute rest in between as a warm-​​up.

Next, place a flat bench in the power rack with the safety pins set to allow the bar to clear your chest only by about 2–3 inches.

Now, choose your max benching weight that you can manage for only 6 repetitions before hitting exhaustion, then add 25% more weight to the bar.

Have a spotter help you raise the bar only until it clears the safety pins.

You want to hold the bar in this position, just above your chest, for 10 seconds before letting it back down on the pins.

Now here’s where the fun begins…

After a 2-​​minute rest, remove the extra 25% more weight you slapped on so you have your normal “working weight” for 6 reps.

You should be able to knock out 8 or 9 reps, instead of your normal 6…an INSTANT 25–50% INCREASE!

Wait another 3–5 minutes and repeat one more time with the same weight.

Why this works…

Your Type II muscle fibers are responsible for that explosive power you get at the bottom range of your bench press, the hardest part to get past.

By overloading your 2’s with a 10-​​second contraction an an extended “time under tension”, you force your muscle fibers into a state of hyperactivity.

When you drop the weight back down to normal, you give them a shot of confidence that you’re actually using “less weight”, magically tricking your muscles to push more pounds than normal.

As a result, the short term increase in intensity will create more growth in your chest and a new max for your bench press.


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