The Great Escape

Perhaps the most important skill set that we can cultivate as Reality Based Self Defense (RBSD) practitioners is the ability to PREVENT violence and danger from coming our way. If violence does come our way though, the next best thing we can do is to ESCAPE the danger and go on to live a long happy life. Escaping actually flies in the face of most conventional martial arts training.

In conventional martial arts training, you’re taught to fully engage your attacker with striking, grappling and/​or weaponry until you “win” the fight. In real life “winning” a fight is not what we’re shooting for, it’s all about SURVIVAL. So then, if survival of violence is our overall operational strategy, what tactics are we going to use to accomplish our goal? If you didn’t succeed in preventing the violence, then you have to as quickly as possible escape the violence.

To do that we need to use STUN AND RUN tactics.

The outcome that you want is to DEANIMATE your aggressor long enough so that you can get away safely. You’re not trying to knock out or tap out the enemy, you want to just end the violence quickly and go home safely. This may not sound very manly at first, but it’s the SMART PERSON’S method of fighting. To stun our attacker we’ll have to quickly engage him with techniques like a palm blow to the nose, finger jab to the eye, slap to the ear, a punch or chop to the throat, knee slam to the groin or thigh, or a downward stomp to the top of his foot. To properly condition both your mind and your muscle memory to stun and run, after you’ve hit your training partner, run to the nearest exit, if you’re training in doors or run toward your car if you’re training outdoors. You know the DRILL, now own the SKILL.


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