The Toughest Pushup You’ll Ever Love

The best bodyweight exercise for your chest is the pushup. No kidding, right?

Want to get “advanced”?

Elevate your feet on a bench and you’ll make the exercise harder and shift more of the focus to the “trouble spot” of your upper chest.

Still no surprises, right?

Ok, now do this…

Upper Chest Bodyweight Blaster Exercise

Find yourself a sturdy wall (brick works best) and get in pushup position on the ground with your body perpendicular to the wall and your head facing away.

Now, instead of elevating your feet on a bench, elevate your feet to the same height as you normally would if they were on a bench, but place the bottoms of your feet (or even just your toes) AGAINST the wall!

Without a sturdy object (like the bench) to help prop your feet up, you’ll be forced to push your body toward the wall to keep them from falling.

The result is a giant-​​momma-​​step in focus to your upper chest, shoulders, traps, and triceps.

Essentially, it transforms the typical elevated pushup into an upper body nuclear bomb of a bodyweight exercise!

As soon as you hit failure (which will be surprisingly quick!), drop your feet to the ground and do as many regular pushups as you can.

At failure, drop to your knees (you little girl you! ;-) and do as many sissy pushups as you can.

Enjoy the pain (and results)!



  1. Andres says:

    I find that a great exercise for your lower body is to put ankle weights on before you go to bed…we roll over an average of 5 times a night…its really…reeeeally low impact. Really low.
    A fat soldier taught me that one.

    –Semper Fi
    Sgt. Rojas –Sacramento, CA

  2. cody jennings says:

    I am 17 about to go into the military and iv tride it for my self and I have seen instant resalts and I am very happy with it…

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