How to Achieve a Ground Fight KNOCKOUT!

In a real street fight, the vast majority of knockout blows are delivered at a time when you’re standing on your feet and in a position to throw a powerful punch.

But we all know that most fights end up on the ground, right?

Unfortunately, when you’re in a ground fight, the rules tend to change when it comes to knockout blows since those vulnerable targets are largely out of reach when you have a sasquatch-​​sized mutant gangbanger sitting on your chest wailing away.

Does that mean that you can’t knock someone out in a ground fight?

Well, not if you know this “hidden target”…

Secret Target To Knock Someone Out In A Ground Fight

This little secret I’m about to reveal concerns a part of the body which is often overlooked, and yet it provides you with an ideal opportunity for a knockout in a ground fight.

The area in question is actually a pressure point located at the back of the head near the hairline, approximately midway between the ear and the spine.

This pressure point is located on both sides of the spine, meaning you actually have two targets.

Now a word of warning here…

This pressure point target is an area you should only ever do in a self defense situation because not only can it result in a knockout in one punch, but, if delivered with sufficient force, it could result in a fatality.

How To Hit This Ground Fight Knockout Target

Having your attacker straddled on top of you in a ground-​​and-​​pound is especially dangerous.  Not only will you find it nearly impossible to gain position for a powerful strike of your own, but you only have a few seconds before he pulverizes you with his fists or his buddies begin stomping on your head.

In order to reach your knockout target, act fast and with both hands, grab hold of his shirt as high as possible or dig your fingers into his clavicle.

Now, drag your attacker down to your body while reaching up along the center of his body with either one of your arms.

Your goal is to get your arm over his shoulder on the same side as the arm you are using.

Then, as you pull him closer with your other arm, you’ll have unobstructed access to your target.

Unfortunately, most people simply start punching their opponent’s back at this point, but of course such actions will be futile, considering the back is full of muscle.

When your opponent is on top of you, and he’s in the midst of delivering powerful punches, you simply don’t have time to waste on ineffective self defense techniques.

Instead of lying there taking more punishment, seize your opportunity to strike the target area and end the fight.

To do this, you need to slam the heel of your hand onto the pressure point knockout target with as much force as you can muster.

(Yes, I know I said this could be a death blow, but chances are slim and if you’re getting pounded on the ground, it’s arguably a life-​​or-​​death scenario for you!)

Once you feel his body relax, you can simply roll him to the side and make your escape!



  1. AdManTheLabRat says:


    To Quote GI Joe: “Knowledge is half the battle!”

    I hope I never have to use this but if I do, I will and without hesitation or mercy and deliberately with
    extreme enthusiasm and confidence.

    Thank you,

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