How to Increase Growth Hormone for More Muscle!

To build muscle and burn fat at the same time, it’s absolutely critical to maximize your body’s natural production of growth hormone.

Released from your pituitary gland, growth hormone production peaks around puberty, and then slowly fades away as we age and plays a key role in the maintenance of muscle, bone mass and the balance of body fat.

This hormone is so powerful that even WITHOUT following an exercise program and healthy diet, it can build muscle and burn fat!

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that a small group of elderly men (aged between 61 and 81) who were given injected GH treatment showed an increase in both muscle and bone mass…AND reduced body fat at the same time.

Another study from Denmark found that a 9-​​week program designed to naturally stimulate GH release resulted in strength gains 300% over normal increases!

Adding to that, men following the program increase arm strength by a whopping 37% compared with only 9% by the “control group” who only followed a “non-​​GH-​​stimulation” program.

What’s important is that these growth hormone increases were activated NOT by injected hormone, but by completely natural means.

These studies prove that when you discover how to increase growth hormone for more muscle, it can pay you big dividends in a short period of time.

Here’s How To Naturally Increase Growth Hormone To Build Muscle And Burn Fat Fast

1. “Shortcut” Your Workouts

Studies show that the longer you train, the more growth hormone is released into your body to build more muscle due to the build up of lactic acid in the muscle, a prime activator for increasing growth hormone.

Unfortunately, long training sessions also increase the hormone cortisol which canibalizes muscle tissue.

Sounds like you’re screwed, right?

Fortunately there’s a “shortcut” for triggering a natural growth hormone release in a shorter period of time.

By simply reducing your rest time in between exercise sets, your body builds up more lactic acid in the muscle tissue.

This triggers the release of growth hormone in a much shorter time period.

In fact, the shorter your rest periods, the more lactic acid you’ll produce and the greater your growth hormone response.

Keep your rest periods under one minute to naturally increase growth hormone and build more muscle.

2. Bodybuilding-​​Style Training Stimulates More Growth Hormone

Higher volume bodybuilding training is characterized by higher repetition ranges, commonly 8–12 reps per exercise set.

These higher repetition counts are what help to increase lactic acid in the muscle tissue, which is why you feel more of a burn in the muscle toward the end of your set.

You want that burn!  Keep your reps at 8–12 but don’t be afraid to go much, much higher.

Some “old school” bodybuilders used to do as many as 100 reps in one set!

3. How To Squeeze Out Even More Growth Hormone

An advanced bodybuilding technique that was a favorite of Arnold Schwarzenegger was the coveted “contraction squeeze”.

When you’re lifting the weight, stop momentarily at the peak contraction point (for bicep curls as an example, this would be in the “up” position) and squeeze your target muscle for 1–2 seconds before lowering the weight and repeating for the next rep.

This resulting lactic acid response from this contraction squeeze is like a shot of nitrous oxide into a car engine and you’ll inject more growth hormone into your body to build muscle fast.



  1. Joshua says:

    Ive been wanting to work the inner part of my chest and make my chest look good. But for now it looks like I a have a trench in the middle of my chest when i tense. I work out on my chest often but i can’t seem to fill it out the middle.

    • Swizzle says:

      Peck deck my friend. I noticed i get great cleavage results when i keep my arms straight out. I also squeeze my pecs hard at peak contraction before retraction.

  2. Tips Share says:

    Great information to share. Natural growth by regular exercise and by balanced diet is the best way . But if some body not growing properly then should take growth supplements. comment by :Tips share.

  3. JC says:

    Im kind of chubby, and wanna lose fat and burn muscle fast so i can get ready for Air Force PFT thing. Any tips?

  4. B.E. says:

    After blood tests indicated lower than ideal levels of growth hormone I began to work on improving it. High intensity interval training helps to increase it. Follow the workout with cold processed whey protein and no sugar or carbs for at least 45 minutes after the workout. High blood sugar immediately shuts down HGH production.
    I\‘m also using an oral spray that helps the body produce more HGH on it\‘s own, and the cold processed whey provides optimal amino acids. So far I\‘m getting great results and further blood testing indicates increased levels.

  5. Pedro says:

    eat more

  6. Thomas says:

    yes many have suffered the same problem, myself including in the past. the key is to eat ALOT. but eat Good healthy foods. eat tons of oatmeal, eggs, lean red meat, potatoes, rice, beans… go and start making protein shakes for yourself. make to eat plenty of fruits and veggies of course. (i buy mixed frozen fruits and mix it with fruit juice for a tasty real fruit smoothie everyday, and i grill my veggies on the fry pan with butter) Take your body weight, and X 12, that is how many calories you’re gonna need. but for a fast metabolizers like us, add even a lil extra. oh and when you lift, keep your reps between 6–10 no more, except at the end of your sessions do a burn out set to really feel the burn. mix up your workouts to prevent plateau. it’s a formula for success.

  7. To gain weight, you are going to have to eat more calories, but the key is to focus on “condensed calories” like dried fruits, nuts, peanut butter, protein shakes, etc.

    This allows you to increase calories while feeding on healthy options without feeling like you’re stuffing yourself like a pig.

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