Intelligence Gathering for Personal Protection

Ultimately the survival of the Ninja families of feudal Japan had little to do with their use of throwing stars or smoke bombs and everything to do with their ability to skillfully gather information about their enemies and use it to make key strategic and tactical decisions. The same is true in modern times for sovereign nations. To keep their citizens safe, countries heavily rely on the ability of their intelligence agencies to provide them with accurate, up to date information on the activities of their enemies.

As Reality Based Self Defense (RBSD) practitioners we need to also gather intelligence on those people that could harm us, our families and friends. First, we can start out by keeping on eye on the media, they’ll provide us with a daily account of what violence has occurred on a local, national and global level.

Next, we can forge friendships with local law enforcement officers and have them keep us up to date with what’s going on in our communities.

Lastly, we can watch videos of real life fights and model our self defense training after the fight starters that are being used. There’s hundreds of these types of videos available on the internet. One that I just watched had two men arguing and then one of them stepped in and executed a two hand shove to the other man’s chest. So that’s the beginning of your personal protection scenario right there. You first practice your verbal deescalation skills against an attacker verbally assailing you. Then, you next practice your basic defense against a two hand shove to the chest. This type of scenario training is absolutely essential because it keeps your RBSD training grounded in reality. It’s also important to note that just gathering “intel” is only the first part of the equation. You have to take ACTION and APPLY that intel to your training methods as well.



  1. P. Johnson says:

    Are you really suggesting that we turn into professional intelligence case officers, just to improve our standing as Real­ity Based Self Defense (RBSD) practitioners? If so that is a 100% full time job in and of itself! The last thing we need is a pack of crazed individuals that see threats around every corner. I know those type of people that have a hunger for that type of information and they remind me of some of the counterintelligence agents I worked with.

    I will admit we should be more aware of what happens around us but we must draw a line as to what that point is also, and making all Real­ity Based Self Defense (RBSD) practitioners into counterintelligence officers is going well over that line!

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