Survive the Number One Street Takedown

I love interrogating my cop buddies. They spend all day interviewing people and it’s fun to turn the tables on them. My favorite question to ask them is “What’s the number one attack that the bad guys are using right now?” I asked my friend Officer Von that exact question the other day. He said that the number one unarmed attack that he’s seen lately is a variation of the double leg pick up from wrestling. He said that the bad guy shoots in, bear hugs your knees or ankles and then lifts you up and dumps you on your side. From there he grounds and pounds you, if he’s alone or if he’s with his friends they’ll toe kick and stomp kick you when you’re down. If the bad guys in your area are successfully using a specific attack regularly then it only makes good self defense sense to practice defending against such attacks. This is the heart of my admonishment that YOU HAVE TO BASE YOUR REALITY BASED SELF DEFENSE IN REALITY.

To practice the defense against this takedown you want to chunk the pieces of the attack down. The first thing that you want to practice is spotting the takedown attempt, hint: look for the level change in his shoulders. Next, you’ll practice defense against the takedown, then how to fall safely if you are taken down, then how to get back on your feet as quickly as possible and lastly how to survive being ground and pounded and/​or kicked when you’re down. Lastly, you want to model any strategies or tactics that are successfully being used in real life fights against fully resisting attackers, even if the techniques are being used by the bad guys. I included this takedown into my combatives program years ago after researching how inmates fight in prisons.



  1. martial470 says:

    I worked in a maximum security prison as a screw for 17 years.
    There is no such thing as a “takedown” in prison.
    The guy will stab or hit you (usually from behind) and the finish you off on the ground.

    There is NO defence against a strike that you do NOT SEE coming.
    These cowards “win at all costs”. That is why they are in jail.

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