Own the Boker Plus Pocket Stick

The BOKER PLUS POCKET STICK is an excellent new entry in the world of Eta Koppo Bo, Yawara and Kubotans. It’s made by the German knife maker Boker. The Pocket Stick comes in two models, one made of stainless steel with a black finish and one made of titanium with a very shiny satin metallic finish. For real life self defense applications I would definitely choose the one with the non-​​reflective black finish. From a tactical perspective it makes more sense to use protection tools that are hard to spot. The Pocket Stick itself has quite a lot of heft to it, much more so than any other type of small impact tool that I have ever handled. Holding a solid piece of steel or titanium in your hand most definitely inspires more confidence in you than if you were holding a piece of plastic.

The Pocket Stick has two finger loops on it, one in the center as a proper Eta Koppo Bo should have, and one at the end. You can use both of the finger loops simultaneously to create a brass knuckle like effect, totally locking the Stick in your hand when using it as an impact tool. The loops also allow you to hold the Stick in your hand without putting it down. Most importantly though, the loops let you use the Stick to easily effect grabs of your attacker’s fingers, wrist and lower forearms to apply pressure point-​​pain compliance controls and throws. Lastly, the domed end of the Boker Plus Pocket Stick allows you to use it as a very effective massage therapy tool.


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