Wall Self Defense Escape Against Multiple Attackers

Being pinned against a wall by multiple attackers is probably one of the all-​​time worst self defense situations you could find yourself in.  Most people who are cornered like this would just cover up the best they can and then start begging for mercy, hoping not to get beaten to death.  The situation can look pretty hopeless when you’re facing multiple attackers, so just what sort of self defense techniques could you possibly use to escape?  Well, lucky for you, defending yourself in a multi-​​fight isn’t as hard as you might think.

Street Fighting Physics Of The Multiple Attacker Wall Escape

When you’re pinned to a wall by multiple attackers, no matter how strong you are, there are too many fighters for you to push against to try to get away.  Your brain will tell you to push them away, but street fighting physics says your best self defense technique is the path of least resistance.  In other words, while you won’t be likely to push your attackers forward, you can move from side-​​to-​​side pretty easily, no matter how many attackers have you pinned.  Actually, the more your attackers are pushing you into the wall, the more sideways mobility you’ll have because their force just adds to your ability to move laterally.

How To Use This Self Defense Technique Against Multiple Attackers

Whether 2 or 25 fighters have you pinned against a wall, the self defense move I’m about to describe will work almost like magic.  You do need to move quickly though, because you don’t want to take any more punches than you have to.  Start by singling out one of your attackers.  Although it’s best if he’s the one closest to you, it doesn’t matter that much as long as your target is in the close quarters combat zone.  Reach for somewhere on his body where you can get some leverage.  My favorite is the chin, because if you can control an attacker’s head in a street fight, his body will follow.  But when it comes to surviving a real fight, any close leveraging target, such as the inside or outside of an elbow, will do just fine.

Reach up with one hand and quickly push your assailant to the side as he’s pushing in toward you.  Use the wall you’re backed up against to your advantage — it will give you more stability and power when you push sideways.  While you’re pushing the guy in one direction, shift your body the opposite way so you’re moving sideways along the wall.

Why This Street Fighting Move Works Against Multiple Attackers

This is where this whole self defense escape almost gets fun.  All those multiple attackers pushing in on you are exerting a lot of force, and as your body slides sideways out of their way, their momentum keeps them moving forward.  So, when you push the one fighter out of the way and you move along the wall, the others will crash into each other and the wall.  They’ll probably fall to the ground in a heap while you’re making your escape through the opening you just made.

This self defense scenario is no fairytale.  You don’t need to take my word for it either.  Round up a big group of friends and have them push you against a wall as hard as they can.  You’ll see how valuable this easy multiple attacker self defense technique can be.



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