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Stress Less for Better Health

We all have stress.  Some of it is good stress – like planning a wedding, taking care of the kids, or transitioning into a new job; and some of it is negative stress – like caring for a sick family member, dealing with financial issues, and working a demanding job.  Either way, the stress of life’s circumstances can have a significant impact on your health.

Here are some of the ways stress can impact your body and your health:

Fit for Duty: Operation Heavy or Not

Fit for Duty: Operation Heavy or Not

Work every muscle in your body and burn more than 700 calories! We are back with “Operation Heavy or Not.” Plus, CDR Dave Keblish provides some advice on how to keep your feet in good condition.

Hope you enjoy the workout!

Bodybuilding​.com Announces 2011 Military Challenge 2011 Military Challenge

Bodybuilding​.com, the Internet’s most-​​visited bodybuilding and fitness site and largest online retailer of nutritional supplements, and athlete-​​trusted supplement company, MusclePharm, have officially kicked off the 2nd annual 2011 Military Challenge. The competition is open for entries to all active and reserve United States military members and their spouses from July 15 – August 15, 2011.

Bodybuilding​.com and MusclePharm are looking for the best of the best in the U.S. Military. Whether someone is already in great physical shape or wants to utilize this 12 week challenge to transform their body, the most important factor is showing that an individual physical fitness goal can be met while being a top motivator for others. Winners will be chosen by an internal judging panel that will look at the contestants’ ability to reach their Military Challenge goals and their ability to inspire others in the military with the aid of the world’s largest online social fitness community, BodySpace.

Muay Thai Knee Strike Alternative For Close Combat

The recent popularity of mixed martial arts has played a role in the surge of interest in self defense training. However, this sports based self defense platform has caused a bit of confusion about which techniques are actual mixed martial arts moves, bound by rules, and which techniques are actual self defense tactics that can save your life.

Perhaps one of the most common misconceptions is that the Muay Thai knee strike is the best move for grappling in close quarters combat. True, it is powerful and packs some serious knockdown potential and it’s used by trained fighters in mixed martial arts tournaments all the time. However, in real life self defense scenarios; you’re not fighting in a padded ring. You’re often in the streets, facing an attacker that wants to hurt or kill you. Fortunately there’s an even better move for close quarters combat that can overcome some of the mistakes with this mixed martial arts favorite…

This Works BETTER Than Protein to Build Muscle!

Protein Powder

Every serious lifter looking to build muscle and burn fat has a tub-​​o-​​protein in their pantry, right?

(Arguably) you’re not really “serious” if you don’t, right?

But there’s an old school supplement that works even BETTER than your fanciest-​​schmanciest protein powder…

…and it’s one of my “must have’s” for maximizing your gains!

Do Women Need Self-​​Defense Training?

by Jazzmin Williams

Over two days, during four classes and with about 80 people in attendance, the women at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-​​Hickam sent out the message loud and clear: they are not to be messed with.

The CNIC Navy Security Forces Regional Training Academy performed a two-​​day clinic with a total of four self-​​defense classes for women July 7 and 8.

“Everyone thinks it [sexual assault] won’t happen to them, but all it takes is just that one time,” said Tracy Bennett, one of the class participants.

The conception of the class occurred at the Women’s Health and Fitness Fair on March 11, when security forces gained feedback and interest in a self-​​defense class. It was at that time that Col. Robert Lee, training program director, and Capt. Brad Miller, senior training instructor, decided to offer a women’s self-​​defense class.

“It’s very important that women are exposed to something like this,” said Lee. “This will reduce the numbers [of sexual assault and abuse] greatly if they have the skills to implement in those situations.”

Female Marine Hooks, Jabs to Olympic Dreams

The following is a great piece about motivation, determination and discipline. There is much to learn from this hard working Marine. Enjoy the read and hopefully this motivates you to push harder!

- Military​.com

By Air Force Staff Sgt. Jessica Switzer, Defense Media Activity

She runs countless miles before dawn, spends hours in the gym honing body and mind into a single, well-​​oiled machine. She pours heart and soul with equal amounts of blood, sweat and tears into what has become her normal routine.

That routine built the foundation for former Marine lance corporal Melissa O. Parker to qualify as a competitor in the 2011 Armed Forces Boxing Championships. She has been training for this moment for what seems like a lifetime.

Hill Running on the Treadmill

Many runners dread going up the hill. Hill running hurts and it makes you lose breath. It’s like the hill wants to eat you alive and suck the air out of your lungs. Yes, they may have divine benefits, but hills are tough.

Hill running hurts because it requires more energy. You use more muscle fibers, and the muscles get tired faster. But, this type of training is extremely beneficial and with that goal in mind you must accept and win the challenge.

Watch “13 Assassins”

13 Assassins (Jūsannin no Shikaku) is a 2010 Japanese Jidaigeki “period drama” film directed by the acclaimed, prolific and controversial film maker Takashi Miike (Ichi The Killer, Sukiyaki Western Django). This is a Samurai epic based on a real life historical incident, the film is a remake of Eiichi Kudo’s excellent 1963 black and white film of the same name.

To stop a young tyrant from murdering and exploiting innocent civilians, 13 Samurai Warriors unite and prepare to end his life. But to kill the evildoer, the assassins must contend with an army of deadly bodyguards who outnumber them by a wide margin.

Swing and Slide Into Shape

Got kids? Got free time? Usually if the answer to the first question is “Yes”, then the second is “No.” However, I have a way to squeeze in a workout while you get the kids outside on the playground this summer.

Check out this recent segment I did with my toddler, and reporter Courtney Friel,a friend and personal training client (and new mom) on Fox and Friends. Whether you are back from a tour of duty, getting ready for basic training, or holding down the home-​​front, these moves and my Baby Bootie Camp DVD give you ways to work out with the baby anywhere, or get out on the playground with your older kids for quality time that burns calories!

Combat Survival School

The temperature is a damp 38 degrees Fahrenheit in the mountains of Colville and Kaniksu National forests, 70 miles north of Fairchild Air Force Base, Wash. There’s snow on the ground and a muddy slush has formed where some of it has begun to melt. Sunlight filters through the forest’s misty treetop canopies. Off the proverbial beaten path, a group of Airmen is participating in an aircraft crash scenario, trudging through thick vegetation and a natural obstacle course of fallen tree trunks, branches and limbs to find materials to build a shelter as the group awaits “rescue.”

These “survivors” are Airmen participating in the U.S. Air Force Survival School’s Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape training.

Fort Hood Champion to Fight for III Corps

For a Soldier who had grown up wrestling in Pennsylvania and had been introduced to boxing after joining the Army, combining the two in the form of mixed martial arts and combatives seemed like a natural fit.

Staff Sgt. Shane Lees, who now serves as a combatives instructor in First Army Division West, said he discovered boxing while being deployed in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

“When I got back, I was like, ‘well, I wrestle, boxing was fun, so let’s try MMA,’” Lees said.

Servicemembers Connect With Martial Arts

The sounds of fists striking against padding and of backs slamming onto floor mats ricocheted off the walls in Gaffney Fitness Center’s combative room as six modern-​​day gladiators prepared their minds and bodies to fight in the confines of a steel cage.

Team Warfighter, a mixed martial arts team formed by service members based at Fort Meade, trains twice a day, five days a week with David Perez at the helm.

Mixed martial arts combines many different fighting styles and disciplines into one full-​​contact combative sport. Fighters compete in a steel cage with the goal of victory by submission or knockout.

“It’s probably the most difficult sport out there,” Perez said.

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

“Speak softly and carry a big stick” is a famous quote from Teddy Roosevelt, who was not only the 26th President of the United States but was also the first American to earn his Brown Belt in Kodokan Judo. President Roosevelt earned his Brown Belt from Yoshitsugu Yamashita (1865–1935), the pioneer who brought Judo to the United States from Japan. The famous quote is a shortening of an African proverb which says: “Speak softly and carry a big stick and you will go far.”

Is Diet Soda Making Us Fat?

In our culture, diet sodas have been used for years as a guilt-​​free replacement for calorie and sugar-​​laden sodas and other sweet beverages that are known to have deleterious health effects.  The school of thought has been that consuming beverages without sugar would prevent the increasing weight, waistline, blood sugar, and heart disease risk that is associated with drinking sweet beverages like soda, juice, lemonade, sweet tea, and even some of those “sports” and “vitamin” drinks.  While it is my belief that choosing diet beverages and using sugar substitutes in moderation can be a part of a healthy lifestyle, there is nothing better and more pure than the original thing – H2O.

Getting a Leg Up on PT

Marine Corps Amputee Fitness

By Lance Cpl. Benjamin Harris

Marines on light duty for injuries have to change their physical training regimen to help recovery. Sometimes, that means not exercising at all so the body can heal.

Getting back into a good training routine can be both physically and mentally trying. For Marines recovering from the loss of a limb, this challenge becomes that much more difficult.

Master Sgt. William Gibson, the operations chief for the office of Legislative Affairs at Headquarters Marine Corps in Arlington, Va., said he needed to prepare for a new chapter in his life when he was told he needed to have his left leg amputated above the knee as the result of a sniper attack in Ramadi, Iraq, in 2006. Knowing his options were limited, Gibson turned to his love of the water.

Fit for Duty: Operation Deep Impact

SSG Ken Operation Deep Impact

Muscle up for a deep-​​impact, full body workout! This time we’ll target the entire body using aerobic training and strength conditioning. The equipment you’ll need includes:

1. Figure 8 Resistance Band
2. Weight Ball
3. Dumbells
4. Plyo Box

Also, nutritionist Capt Brianne Newman touts having a workout partner and compares running with bare feet and the latest shoes.

Follow the Survival Formula

Awareness + Perception + Action = Survival

I was having a conversation with my good friend Jim the other day. Jim is a former U.S. Marine, big city law enforcement officer, combatives and firearms instructor, as well as being a former body guard as well. He told me a story of when he was teaching a street survival class to police officers who had just graduated the academy. Jim said that based on his experience, the number one thing that will get a new LEO killed on the street is their lack of ability to turn on their COMBAT SURVIVAL MINDSET.

Move Over P90, New Xtreme Workout Rebounds

Urban rebounding has become my newest cross training addiction, and NikkiFitness Fave. The “mini trampolines” are not new, they have been in gyms across America for a while now. What’s new is the innovative workouts in a new line of fitness DVDs they have just released called URX. If you thought rebounding was just about jumping and cardio, think again!

URX uses about 10 different trainers and hundreds of new moves that help you get ripped without ripping your body. The new set of 13 “intense and insane full-​​body metabolic workout” DVDs give you a different routine for each day for two weeks.

Don’t HIT the Deck!

I recently watched an interview with Dr. Bob Beck. Besides being a brilliant engineer and inventor, Dr. Beck was also a Judoka for ten years. He told a story of when he once fell on a street side walk and injured his hand because he “slapped out” on the pavement. Most NIHON GENDAI BUDO “New Japanese Martial Arts” instructors teach their students to slap the mat hard when they fall. They give two reasons for this. Firstly, it’s supposed to dissipate the force of the fall and secondly, it’s supposed to distract your mind from your body actually hitting the ground.