Follow the Survival Formula

Awareness + Perception + Action = Survival

I was having a conversation with my good friend Jim the other day. Jim is a former U.S. Marine, big city law enforcement officer, combatives and firearms instructor, as well as being a former body guard as well. He told me a story of when he was teaching a street survival class to police officers who had just graduated the academy. Jim said that based on his experience, the number one thing that will get a new LEO killed on the street is their lack of ability to turn on their COMBAT SURVIVAL MINDSET.

Jim said that first you have to have your wits about you at all times. You have to have an awareness that’ s several notches above your everyday state of mind. Once you’ve established that, you have to have an almost a psychic ability to perceive when a situation is going to turn violent, just before it happens. Jim then said once you have perceived the danger, you have to immediately TAKE ACTION on that perception, that’s what’s going to save your life.

Jim’s formula for street survival is this: Awareness+Perception+Action=Survival. First we have to purposely and mindfully raise our awareness from our everyday sleep walking state of mind to one of relaxed vigilance. Next, we have to key in on any danger that would harm us or those around us. Once we have perceived the danger we have to take immediate action to prevent that danger. By following this formula for survival, you can get home safe and live a long happy life.



  1. Franky says:

    Yea, thats called functional paranoia. You either got it or you don’t. I don’t think you can train that. Military and Police Recruiters should screen for this unusual quality instead of searching for college drop outs.

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