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There’s a concept in authentic Ninja Martial Arts training known as SHINSHIN SHINGAN, which literally means “god eyes, god mind,” a good transliteration into English is “Obtaining the mind and eyes of God.” this concept can be found in the scrolls of both Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu and Togakure Ryu Ninpo.

At first this may seem like a religious idea, even a blasphemous one by Western standards. However, it most definitely is not. The ancient Japanese understanding of “God” or “Gods” is much more in line with concepts of elemental shamanic cultures throughout the world. It predates the Western monotheistic idea, or more accurately the Middle Eastern concept of the One True God, by thousands of years. The Japanese notion of Shin (as in Shinto) or  KAMI “Spirit” has more to do with an intuitive shamanic understanding, appreciation and reverence for the natural world then the Middle Eastern concept of a single creator of the universe.

Many important Asian concepts relating to both martial arts and meditation training are often couched in metaphorical or poetic language. So if “Shinshin Shingan” is not a religious concept in the conventional sense, what is it, and what does it possible have to do with personal protection? “Obtaining the mind and eyes of God” is code for perceiving things as they really are and not how you would like them to be. This has far reaching applications in real world self defense and ultimately is one of the essential keys of realizing enlightened consciousness.

Many military leaders have either grossly underestimated their enemy’s strengths, greatly overestimated their own strengths or both. If the commander could have perceived things with the mind and eyes of God, that’s to say that if they could have PERCEIVED THINGS AS THEY ARE and not as they would have liked them to be, the success of his campaigns would have been greatly increased.

In Reality Based Self Defense the application of this concept will keep us out of a lot of trouble. If we truly see things as they are, we will perceive danger before it turns to violence, and if we do engage in violence to protect ourselves, we will only use the appropriate amount of force to survive the attack.

To obtain the mind and eyes of God, train honestly and consistently with a masterful Taijutsu teacher.



  1. Raven says:

    Shinshin Shingan is a wonderful concept, yet widely unknown and misunderstood. So much of what we are told, and what we tell others, is clouded by fear, greed, and ignorance. We blindly serve our own egos and urges without assessing the underlying motivations and consequences of our actions. Enlightenment is the complete absence of ego. It is to gain a god-​​like understanding and perception of the world around us. Shinshin Shingan is really just a way to process information through a fine filter of common sense, intuition, and insight. Continually analyzing information and scrutinizing it is the method for which to accomplish Shinshin Shingan. Ask yourself two questions: “What outcome can I expect from this? What is my ultimate goal?” Answer them honestly, then proceed accordingly. You will then be on your way to acheiving God’s heart, God’s eyes.

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