Prepare for the Aftermath

The one thing that most Reality Based Self Defense practitioners spend the least amount of time training for is the aftermath of a violent encounter. Yet, this is one of the most important skill sets to cultivate in real world personal protection training. There are several major components to for us to condition ourselves for success in. Each component needs to be actually trained in through live action role playing at first and then through adrenaline stress conditioning scenarios second. Intellectual study alone will not surface.

The first drill that we need to practice is ESCAPING TO SAFETY. We can work the drill from the point in the fight where we downed our attacker. We need to have a plan of action already conditioned into us so that under the pressure of an adrenaline dump that’s going to occur in a real life physical conflict, we will successfully put ourselves in a position of safety. As soon as we stun or down our attacker we want to run to safety, preferably to a where we can call 911 for the police and an ambulance. We need to practice saying slowly and clearly “I’m at _​_​_​_​_​_​_​ I was attacked and I need the police and an ambulance immediately.” Don’t hang up until the operator does. Also be mindful that your conversation is being recorded and can be used in a court of law. Ultimately you want to be in a place of cover where you can keep an eye on your downed attacker. While you wait for the police to arrive check yourself or anybody that you’re with for injuries and administer first aid as needed.

The next drill we need to practice is TALKING TO THE POLICE. We need to persuasively communicate to the police that we were THE VICTIM of a violent crime and that in fear of our lives we fought back. Once again we need to practice this script so that under the pressure of a real life situation we will say the proper things that have us going home free and the bad guy(s) going to jail.

Lastly, we want to methodically go over our story and rehearse it. We may have to speak to several different police officers and attorneys. We want to make sure to convey that we are the good guy and the victim in this situation. Write down all of the key details of the crime and then rehearse your story out loud, then have a trusted training partner pressure test you by trying to pick your story apart.

Properly preparing yourself for the aftermath of a fight is just as important as training for the pre-​​fight and the fight itself. Investing time in this most important component of Reality Based Self Defense training will pay great dividends in the future if you ever are the victim of a violent crime.



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