Psychological Hurricane Preparedness

With Hurricane Irene screaming its way toward the East Coast of the United States, I thought it would be good to review some of the things that we could do to psychologically prepare for the impending hurricane. To physically prepare for a hurricane you want to evacuate to high ground away from the shore, make sure that your car is in good working order and totally fueled up, have enough water for at least three days, stock up on food that needs no preparation like sports bars and trail mix etc. Unfortunately, no one ever talks about the mental preparation needed to survive a natural disaster.

The heart of my Reality Based Self Defense System is to watch videos of violent encounters, then model those verbal and physical attacks and work out skillful means of surviving those same attacks. We can do the same with any natural disaster. A hurricane is going to bring to your area heavy winds and rain and because of that you will possibly experience flooding, power outages, destruction to your home and property and even loss of life. The first way to psychologically prepare for all of that is to watch videos of hurricanes while you keep a centered mind, FUDO SHIN in Japanese. This will condition you to see extreme weather conditions while you have a stable state of mind.

From there you want develop an action plan specifically dealing with the various dangerous scenarios you may encounter during a hurricane. For instance, you definitely want to have an action plan for evacuating your area. It’s important to write down, step by step how you would do that and then visually rehearse the entire process from two perspectives. First, as if you are watching a movie starring yourself and secondly from your own point of view. Go through all of the scenarios you could think of, pertaining to hurricane survival and then mentally rehearse your successful solutions to all of those dangerous situations. Make sure you also include auditory, kinesthetic and gustatory senses in your mental rehearsal as well.

Mentally rehearsing yourself successfully surviving danger is the first major step in preventing and surviving life threatening situations.



  1. Jaysfamily says:

    Having survived the April 2011 tornado ****, I do want to add that you need more than 3 days of food and water. FEMA didn’t really get up and running in my area until about the 5th day and even then they were only assisting those whose homes were completely demolished. With over 1/​3 of the state without power, there was no one to help everyone else until the power was restored the next week. Smart phones still worked, so those without generators were able to order them through Amazon and have them shipped overnight. Yes, despite the total chaos, and dysfunction, UPS still delivered. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and meeting new neighbors helps with the boredom. Take advantage of the power outages and look at the stars as you have never before seen them!

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