The Cold Steel Ti-​​Lite Tactical Folding Knives

The Cold Steel TI-​​LITE line of tactical folding knives evoke the sleek speed and rebellious lines of the classic 1950’s-styled switchblade, like the one used by Clint Eastwood in the original “Dirty Harry” film. Unlike most switchblades however, the 4″ versions are legal to carry nearly everywhere within the United States. They feature Japanese made AUS 8A stainless steel blades with a bead blast finish, razor sharp edges and sturdy, needle sharp points. The CNC milled handles are forged from super tough 7075 Aluminum billets and are given an attractive bead blast surface and finished with a protective EDP (Electric Discharge Plating) coating. There’s also two less expensive versions made with super tough Zytel handles. For maximum strength and safety, the Ti-​​Lites are equipped with a patent pending, stainless steel leaf spring lock, proven, in tests, to hold 130 lbs.

For ease of carry, the Ti-​​Lites come equipped with a small, but unobtrusive steel pocket clip, and can be opened rapidly by using the thumb studs or by snagging a quillion on the edge of your pocket as you draw your knife out.

I own the 6″ Zytel version of the Ti-​​Lite. Zytel is a high quality, dense ballistic nylon. Like nearly everything made by Cold Steel, it’s a great knife for very little money. A bought mine on Amazon​.com for just over USD $40.00. When closed, the 6″ Ti-​​Lite is like a giant heavy Eta Koppo Bo/​Yawara/​Kubotan. It’s a very formidable protection tool without even opening it. It opens with a huge THWACK! with a single quick twist of the wrist, which is very attention getting. It’s just as fast or even faster opening than an old school switchblade.  The blade is 6″ long and is more like a short sword than a knife. It’s GIANT, even in my huge hands.

The blade was super sharp right out of the box. There’s a false edge on the top one third of the blade, which can be sharpened. This stiletto type blade was made for the piston/​sewing machine knife fighting technique. It also does very well as a slashing tool.

The Cold Steel Ti-​​Lite tactical folding knives are awesome, I highly recommend that you own one.


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