Breakthrough In How To Naturally Increase Testosterone!

I’m always on the lookout for new discoveries in the fields of exercise, nutrition, and sports supplementation.

This week, I came across a powerful study that revealed some incredible new research in how to raise testosterone naturally.

You see, most bodybuilders know that that creatine monohydrate increases muscle mass, strength, and power.

That’s not even debatable, right?

But until now, we’ve pretty much attributed it to creatine’s ability to increase muscle endurance by replenishing your muscles’ energy supply.

Essentially, the longer your muscle can work in a given set…

…the more reps you can do

…the more muscle fiber “micro-​​damage” you can achieve

…the more muscle you can grow!


But a South African study has now shown that…

Supplementing With Creatine Actually Increases Testosterone!

And not “just” testosterone…

…the more biologically-​​active form of testosterone called “dihydrotestosterone” (or DHT)!

That’s amazing news for anyone looking to build more mass and add some extra zip to the Tarzan and Jane game you and the Mrs. play every Friday night!

Specifically, the study used a loading phase of 20 grams per day for 7 days.

During this time, DHT levels rose a whopping 56 PERCENT!

The test subjects then went to a 5 gram per day “maintenance phase” for another 14 days.

Levels REMAINED high, though at a more conservative 40 PERCENT above baseline.

Would YOU be happy with even a 40 percent increase in testosterone levels!


Here’s How To Use Creatine To Naturally Boost Testosterone…

First, I recommend that you use creatine as part of a total “supplement stack” that supports your body’s complete anabolic initiative.

Next, since testosterone is a “supply and demand” hormone, I highly recommend you follow an intense workout designed to boost testosterone.

This will allow you to really maximize your hormone levels to take full advantage of creatine’s new-​​found power.

Next, if you’re using regular creatine monohydrate for your supplements, start with the same 20g dose for a full week while you’re working out.

Then cut back to about 5g a day for up to another 4 weeks before cycling off.

OR, if you’re using the creatine gluconate version, just take in about 5–10 g a day without worrying about a load phase because it’s so much more bioavailable.

Also, make sure to drink LOTS of water throughout the day because creatine is going to hydrate your cells, drawing water from your body and you want to make sure you take full advantage of cell volumization as well as your ability to naturally increase testosterone.



  1. Niko says:

    Just another study validating the use of creatine. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Did the study recomend how long to cycle off for?

  2. Kyle Eppard says:

    Creatine is a very misunderstood product, i feel like there isn’t even really a complete list of the benefits of it yet. A lot of what works against it is the complexities of stacking and cycling it.

    • It’s really not that hard to cycle and stack creatine. Only controversy I’ve seen over the ages that this supplement has been around is in pairing it up with caffeine. This was originally thought to impair the effectiveness of creatine but frankly, I think it was a mixup in that creatine looks to hydrate cells and caffeine has a slight dehydration effect (arguable). Personally, I use both in my supplement regimen. Caffeine gives me better energy during intense workouts and creatine provides cell volumization (and now testosterone enhancement).

      The good news about creatine just keeps coming in. :-)

  3. Ryan says:

    hard on the kidneys and increases risk of kidney stones

  4. Paul Hays says:

    DHT…gonna cost you some hair…eventually…

    • Jason says:

      True that. Most \‘hardcore\’ bodybuilders will tell you they do everything they can to stay away from DHT\‘s. Hairloss and prostate problems abound…

  5. Jim says:

    Is there a Creatine product on the market that someone can recommend? Thank you !

    • Chuck says:

      BEAST /​ CREATURE creatine. One of the best on the market. Make sur ethat the FIRST ingredient in your creatine is CREAPURE (spelling). Try to stay away from Creatine Monohydrate alone. Use a mixture and a European made creatine as opposed to Chinese. Also, make sure your creatine looks like sugar, not flour. The absorbsion rate into your system will be greater and less chance of cramping.

  6. chad says:

    So what\‘s with the dangers of DHT. Could taking Creatine be dagerous?

    • Chuck says:

      Yes, but only if you do not drink enough water. Shoot for 3/​4 to 1 gallon a day. Creatine works by overhrdrating your muscles therefore a lot of water is requred to \“keep the machinery oiled\” so to say. The risk of dehydration is very sever if you do not. take it from a guy who (10 years ago and my first experience with creatine) spent 6 hours in the hospital and went thru 4 IV bags. However, since creatine has hit the market, this is the most common (and only) side effect that I personally am aware of. It can be easily countered by drinking a LOT of water.

  7. Joshua Peel says:

    I like the title of the article claiming to \“naturally\” increase testosterone. Except that a person needs to do it in an unnaturally way by taking a non-​​natural supplement. I understand the author knows his stuff, but from the title of the article, I was expecting to actually do something not involving substances made in labs.

  8. Matt says:

    I am in the process of joining the military. I have taken N.O. Xplode in the past and other pre-​​workout supplements. I just bought some \“Absolute Pump\” by \“Peak Performance Solutions\”.…. I was wondering if these are supplements that I can continue using, or if they will make me fail the drug screen at MEPS. Please let me know!

  9. Elaine says:

    Jeff, I recently attended the webcast seminar on testosterone. Trying to help my husband after heart surgery and a subsequent drop in testosterone. However, I lost the website to purchase the program offered at the end. Can you send me the link please.

  10. Billy crisp says:

    Hi Jeff
    I am 61,I am very muscular . I work out 3 to 4 times a week.Cardio 3 times a week. My problem is weight loss. It\‘s incredible I\‘ve tried low carb for 2 weeks ‚protein shakes for 2 weeks,no gluten. You name I\‘ve tried it,nothing works.also no energy . One year ago I could bench press 400 now I\‘m at 275. I\‘m thinking its got to be testosterone . I\‘m in perfect health besides this problem.
    Got any thoughts.. Thanks Billy

  11. HAYAT SHAIKH says:

    Hi, i am about creatine i have my marriage near. creatine can harm reproductive system of male about child birth.

  12. HAYAT SHAIKH says:

    Can creatine make problem in pregnancy of male harmone system

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