So, You Want to be a NINJA?


I get a lot of emails from my readers literally from all over the world, asking me about authentic Ninja Martial Arts training. Even though there are 100,000 plus practitioners of Ninjutsu on the planet, there are still relatively few quality instructors actively teaching.

If you’re serious about training in Ninjutsu the first thing you should do is own and study the DVD’s and books of Dr.Masaaki Hatsumi. Hatsumi Sensei is the sole Head Master (Soke) of the last living Ninjutsu traditions (Ryu Ha). It’s always best to go to the source and Hatsumi Sensei is THE SOURCE of authentic Ninja Martial Arts (Ninpo/​Ninjutsu/​Taijutsu) training.

The next thing I suggest you do is find a qualified teacher near you and train with him or her as often as you can. Allow yourself to Google “Bujinkan” or “Ninjutsu” and your town or city. It should look like this: “Bujinkan Ft.Lauderdale, FL.” You might be very surprised at how many training groups or even training halls come up. It’s important to realize that the vast majority of Taijutsu teachers just teach one or two classes a week either at their home or at a local recreational center. Don’t let yourself be put off by this! It will allow your teacher to focus in on what’s most important to YOU; coaching you on becoming the best Taijutsu practitioner that you can be, instead of how he’s going to pay the rent for the store front or attract ever more and more students.

If you’re interested in training in Japan, that’s great. The most important thing to realize is that all of the “name” Japanese teachers don’t teach the KIHON WAZA “Fundamental Techniques.” Even when they demo the fundamentals, it’s from an advanced level. My suggestion is to train with a teacher in your area, who can teach you the basics. This should take about three years and should end with you being awarded your SHODAN “First Degree Black Belt License.” Going to Japan with three years of training in the fundamentals under your (black) belt is definitely the smart way to go. You’ll get a lot more out of the training that way.

If there are no teachers in your area you might consider the distance learning option. An-​​Shu Stephen K. Hayes has a good program on DVD. What I like most about An-​​Shu Hayes’ To-​​Shin Do Black Belt program is that he teaches you how to use Taijutsu against modern day western world attacks. It’s a course in Reality Based Taijutsu Self Defense.

If you dream of being a Ninja, the most important thing is to take ACTION now. Endeavor to move in the direction of your dreams and you will live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Nin Po Ik Kan!


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