The 5 Best Beginner Bodybuilding Tips

Top 5 Bodybuilding Tips

Everyone (even Arnold) had to start somewhere, right?

For the beginner, bodybuilding can be confusing.

All those machines… all those metal plates… all those no-​​neck brutes to laugh at you if you find yourself flipping around like a hooked bass when the barbell is resting on your Adam’s Apple after an unsuccessful last rep.

Spare yourself the embarrassment and you’ll also get faster results from your muscle-​​building workout.

Follow these 5 powerful beginner bodybuilding tips and you can enter the upper ranks of gym rats at your local iron jungle in no time…

Beginner Bodybuilding Tip #1:

You can’t just go into a gym, jerk some weights around, drink protein powder and walk out rippling.

You need a structured bodybuilding workout plan.

Unfortunately, even “experienced” lifters go to the gym without a gameplan, and it’s holding them back.

Know what you’re going to do BEFORE you step out of the locker room — have it in writing — and follow it every workout!

Beginner Bodybuilding Tip #2:

Pick up weight… jerk up… drop down… repeat.

Bodybuilding is simple, right?

No so fast there sparky!

I’ve stopped counting the number of knuckleheads I’ve seen in the gym who think of themselves as “experienced” yet have horrible form!

Do yourself a favor and take a course on bodybuilding or hire a personal trainer for a few sessions to learn the proper form for your exercises.

Don’t get sloppy. Don’t rush. Bad form just wastes your time.

Good form takes balance, flexibility, and concentration – all good things.

Use good form, and you get great results.

Beginner Bodybuilding Tip #3:

Don’t trust everything you read in magazines about supplements.

I know the lure of a “magic pill” is what you really crave, but understand that many of the muscle mags are owned by sports supplement companies.

Guess which products they’ll push?

Many magazines are nothing more than glorified ads aimed at beginner bodybuilding suckers.

Don’t get drawn into a bunch of expensive supplements because some juiced-​​up pro is holding a bottle of it, claiming it’s what created his mountains of muscle.

A great bodybuilding workout plan and proper nutrition will serve you WAY better than any supplement ever will!

Beginner Bodybuilding Tip #4:

Be patient!

You build muscle by taxing it in the gym and then allowing your body to repair the microscopic tears you caused.

This takes time – about a week for each targeted muscle group — and patience.

If you’re tempted to overdo it — a common beginner bodybuilding mistake — it’s like taking the lid off a pot of water you want to boil.

It’ll never happen because you keep interrupting the process.

Start by only training each muscle group just one time per week and then experiment with your own frequency after that.

Keep your workouts short but intense.

Don’t work out more than an hour a day 3–5 days a week.

Go past that, and your workout’s working against you.

If you work efficiently, you don’t have to live at the gym.

Beginner Bodybuilding Tip #5:

Don’t overestimate your capabilities.

It’s tempting to load up the bar with a bunch of plates to try to NOT look like a “beginner”, but believe me, nothing screams “newbie” more than some guy with horrible form because he’s attempting too much weight.

Plus, you’re just inviting a nagging injury that can keep you out of the gym for weeks as you heal.

Start with a lighter weight and stick with absolutely perfect form and you’ll see the best results from your bodybuilding workout!



  1. james says:

    im in 9th grade and wanna be a ranger when im older and started working out with the guys in the weight room for sports. its nice to read how i should be doing things. i dont wanna get hurt or form bad habits. thanks alot.

  2. Liz Giran says:

    Mr.Anderson, I completely agree with you. Great results take time, patience, along with dedication & hard work of course. As I like to emphasize \“good form\” is the key. For example, everyone wants great abs! Most people do 100\‘s of crunches, sit-​​ups, & etc but never get results quick enough!!! Why? Maybe because of form!!! It\‘s best to do 1–10 reps of good form crunches or whatever body part you do than 100 bad forms!

    I was once that person. Gym freak, athlete, & so on. Always fit but not defined as much. Had my son & was determined to get back in shape. I realized after having my son, I had less time to workout. Started focusing on the technique & form got me back to shape & defined within a month-​​2 month span.

    So again…People, Form is the key!

  3. Niko says:

    On occasion when I have hit a wall with my training I have reverted back to a beginner program for a period of time. I found it to have huge benefits in terms of getting back to the basics and correcting my form. Everytime I have done thos I have surpassed my previous best lifts.

  4. My son is in 10th grade and does online school and I want to get him a membership to the gym and have a trainer show him the basics. I have used a trainer for many sessions in the last few yrs.

    I am currently following a program from bodybuilding​.com by Jamie Eason and in week 7 of the 12 week livefit trainer.

    I am curious to know what you would recommend based on tip # 2 to take a course on bodybuilding. Do you mean at a local college or are there some online?

    I added this post to my scoop​.it

  5. Donna says:

    I\‘m almost 40 and am preparing for my first CrossFit games and my coach has me going all the way back to the beginning of my training to reconnect with my basic movement patterns. Do you think this is a good approach? I\‘ve found out how far I\‘ve moved away from the fundamentals and notice my body performing much better and stronger even though I\‘ve been using some of these exercises for years. It\‘s been nice to reconnect with the basics.

  6. BraveWolf says:

    great stuff!! a reassurance really, i\‘m gettin really good„i told everyone i was right,///thanks man

  7. ali says:

    hi. i\‘m skinny 19yr old guy i\‘m nearly 125pounds i\‘m about 5.11 in height. i wanna know the beginning training requirement for body building and for the weight gain.

    • Last Train to Paris says:

      I would start off with calisthenics.…I used to be you. I\‘m 25 and im about 180, my weight staggers though. As long as I\‘m able to throw around my own weight (push and pull) I know I\‘m still in good shape.…after that comes the weight training and mass building.

  8. Tuck says:

    I\‘m 13years old. Im going into 8th grade, and my hole life i\‘ve always been known as the big muscular kid. But recently, ive gotten very tall and started to lose muscle. I desperately want to gain muscle. I have an uncle that was a body builder, so i would like to follow in his foot steps. I\‘ve been tougt many things about body building, but this helped tremendessley!

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  10. bily says:

    im 38, and over weight. i have been going to the gym to try to lose weight and gain strength. i dont care about being a large bodybuilder like Arnold, I just want to be able to take my shirt off and not embarrass my wife and kids. is it to late for me, and if not, where do I start? thank you

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