Three Street Fighting Self Defense Rules

Among the list of fundamentals pertaining to using self-​​defense techniques in a street fighting situation is actually efficiency. Put simply, any kind of self-​​defense technique you utilize will have to complete the job quickly. In any genuine street fight, you might have only a chance for a single punch or strike. Here’s the best way to determine exactly what works and what doesn’t during a genuine street fight.

Three Street Fighting Self Defense Rules

Lots of self-​​defense schools coach a number of complex self-​​defense techniques for street fighting. Consider the standard shirt grab self defense technique, for instance. A few schools might have you reach upward, trap their hand with yours, pull it off utilizing a complex wrist lock, finishing in an arm lock or follow up strike whilst the assailant patiently waits so that you can complete all your actions. Regrettably, if you’re under pressure plus your adrenaline is jacked up, these kinds of complex self defense techniques are incredibly hard to do, even if you’ve had plenty of training.

However here’s the main reason an elaborate self defense technique won’t perform in time: while you’re playing around attempting to utilize the actual technique, your assailant will be assaulting you! In the event that you’re trying frantically for the wrist grab counter, for instance, he (or she!) might be pounding you in the head. To be able to survive in street fighting self defense situations, your own reaction will have to adhere to these three street fighting self defense technique

1. Your Self Defense Techniques Should Be Easy and Fast To Master

Extravagant movements along with complex self defense techniques require a long time for being competent in. If you need to practice a technique 1,000 times in order to understand it right, then it’s not likely about to perform within a genuine street fight. Furthermore, you don’t really want to practice for a fight that may occur 12 months from now. You may have to protect yourself right now! The less complicated your self defense techniques are, the quicker you’ll manage to understand them and the simpler it will be for you to perhaps utilize it any time you need to protect yourself.

2. Your Self Defense Techniques Should Perform Under the Stress of a Genuine Street Fight

The body is actually equipped with an essential survival system known as your “fight or flight” reaction. Whenever you perceive real danger, your own hormonal system increases exponentially your hormone adrenaline within the veins to provide you with close to superhuman power either to react or perhaps try to escape. Among the side effects with this normal reaction is actually that the fine motor skills cease functioning. Consequently, your self defense techniques should make use of natural, gross motor skills for use for the purpose of street fighting.

3. Your Self Defense Techniques Have to Acquire Their Target Rapidly

The quickest path between 2 points is really a straight line. Your self-​​defense technique, within a street fighting scenario, needs to be this direct. For instance, during the shirt grab experience, you are able to counterattack by simply giving a palm heel hit directly into the attacker’s face. This particular self defense technique isn’t extravagant also it might not resemble anything originating from a kung fu film, however that’s the purpose. It relies on a super fast straight line hit for taking the actual fight to the assailant and since it’s an all natural driving motion your body is actually familiar with, it’s incredibly simple to understand and employ within an actual street fighting situation. Adhere to these self-​​defense technique principles and you’ll be a master at protecting yourself within a street fighting scenario.



  1. SteveB says:

    lol…I’ve done the palm heel — to face with great success.

  2. Guest says:

    @Womack: most men have had people try to (or succeed at) hitting them in the balls. While this is a very sensitive area it is also one that is instinctively, and easily, protected by a simple turn and raise of the leg. Something along the same lines, though, that is quite effective and certainly not so common: grab your assailant (male or female) by the ears and drop to the ground. If they come with you, you have at least put them in a lot of pain, and now you’re on the offensive.. if they don’t come with you then at least their ears will — and that tends to take the fight out of most people.

  3. Ears are a great target and provide you with leverage as well as slapping them can cause a concussion against the eardrums. My only warning to you is the “dropping to the ground” move. It would definitely have the effect you stated, but going to the ground in a real street fight (especially willingly as a self defense move) could invite the guy’s buddies to begin stomping on you with their size 11 steel-​​toed melon kickers.

    I highly suggest never going to the ground in a real fight if you can help it. ALWAYS assume you’re fighting multiple attackers.

  4. CavScoutSniper says:

    As pertains to the ears, once I was attacked and the guy grabbed my shirt to pull me in close so I cupped both hands and clapped them right on his ears as hard as I could. End of fight! He screamed, grabbed his ears and went down like a sack of potatos at which time I exited post haste.

  5. Anish Eddy Gurung says:

    According to me,ones at attack is d bst self defence during a street fight.…

  6. Anish Eddy Gurung says:

    n one should hit in d nose ov d opponent,cos it harms much widout taking d lyf ov d opponent

  7. Ms Army Officer says:

    Are there really Street fighting self defense rules? I would argue that there are no rules. A principle to “Live” by is to act quickly and violently with the ultimate goal of getting out of the situation as soon as possible. This can be done by breaking contact with the attacker or subduing the threat. For me the most important thing is to remove the present danger, and in most cases it a simple strike to the sensitive areas on the human body creates the opportunity for me to get out of the dangerous situation. Think about what hurts the most…eyes, ears, nose, mouth, throat, groin, etc. A simple task done in repetition is a great place to start. Practice your actions and build your confidence, but in the end get the **** away as fast as you can!

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