Brazilian Jujutsu (BJJ) has a lot to offer the practitioner of Reality Based Self Defense (RBSD), however there are several key modifications that we have to make in order to turn a sport submission grappling system into a functional personal protection ground fighting method.

If you’ve only practiced BJJ as a sport, than you’ve ben conditioned to leave your groin open to attack, as well as not seeing your attacker’s groin as a viable target. We have to protect our groin against both striking and grabbing attacks, while at the same time aggressively targeting our attacker’s groin.

We also have to trap/​pin our attacker’s free arm so that he can’t strike at us or deploy a weapon. If we catch the bad guy in a shoulder lock, but he produces a knife and stabs us, that’s not the outcome we’re shooting for. Tie the bad guy up.

Many positions and submissions put us dangerously close to our attacker’s mouth. We definitely don’t want to get bitten. Alternately, in an extreme situation we want to have the option of biting to escape to safety. In a real life fight, use ANYTHING to survive.

If we are attempting a triangle choke with our legs (Sankaku Shime) and the bad guy is strong enough to stand up, we don’t want to get slammed on the deck. We have to be flexible enough in our tactics to literally know when to let go.

In a real life fight we have to expect that there will be weapons involved in the conflict. Be on top of your knife and pistol defensive skills.

Lastly, we have to expect that a fight will involve multiple attackers. BJJ has some very skillful means of escaping from every position you might find yourself in. Make your primary skill set getting back on your feet as quickly as you can.


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